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Thomas Foods International: Reasons Other Wholesale Meat Suppliers Can’t Compare

Thomas Foods International

Even though the interior design, lighting and work uniforms are important for your restaurant’s image, the quality of your food is what ultimately determines whether guests will come back or not. Using healthy, hygienic fresh food from reliable vendors is the first step towards ensuring your menu is always tasty and satisfying.

Since Australians are a meat-loving bunch, chicken, veal and other meats make up most of the dishes restaurants offer. So, unless you’re opening up a vegetarian or vegan place, you’re probably looking for a reliable fresh meat distributor. And Thomas Foods International is at the centre of the wholesale meat sector in Australia. Find out why the company is the leading choice for restaurants and why no other meat distributor can quite compare.

How the Company Came to Be

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It all began with an Aussie lost in California. Greg Bourke, then a waiter and now the company’s chairman, embarked on a mini-tour of the Golden State in 1988 to spread the word about the delicious joys of fresh Australian lamb to restaurants and chefs alike. From there, things quickly progressed to him starting his own company. Fresh Australian lamb can be persuasive.

TFI is providing fresh meat all around the world nearly 30 years after it was founded in that California walkabout. Today, the company distributes high-quality beef, lamb, mutton, goat and seafood products totalling more than 100 million kilograms annually.

Why You Should Choose Thomas Foods as a Supplier for Your Business

Fresh Meat Farmed in Australia

If your goal is to have a menu other restaurants envy, choosing Thomas Foods International as your distributor means getting the freshest products from the farm to the table. TFI runs various farms that produce lambs, Angus Pure cattle, seafood, and other food service products such as potatoes. This gives clients a broader selection of products, all delivered with the TFI quality promise.

All the farms are in Southern Australia and are supported by cutting-edge farming techniques. With lush vegetation and a mild climate, this area is home to some of the best pastureland in the entire globe. Here, the animals are free to roam and graze in a pristine, natural setting. TFI’s farming and feedlot operations are integrated to maximise efficiency and offer flexibility in trucking, drafting, and inducting.

100% Focused on Health and Safety

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TFI is in charge of the farms that grow and produce the meat, so the company can maintain control over the entire quality process. The products are a part of a tightly controlled supply chain with a focus on accuracy and reliability in all of the operations. These procedures are in place throughout the supply chain, so customers can be sure that every time they receive a delivery, it will be of the highest quality, fresh, and healthy.

No matter where your food business is located, TFI can supply the freshest meat products thanks to the industry-leading cold chain quality control system. All products are prepared for delivery in certified vehicles and temperature-controlled containers using computer-controlled plate freezers and chill tunnels.

An Efficient Chain of Supply

The ability of the provider to meet demand is a critical component of the operation of any food chain or business. Nobody wants to find themselves completely without the food they need to run their business, especially when a particularly busy period begins.

Fresh meat and fish will always be available to you thanks to Thomas Foods’ broad network of farmers, factory employees, and truck drivers. This well-oiled engine can adjust to unexpected shifts in demand, making sure that your company never runs out of the goods it requires. The company’s flexible supply chain management makes it easy to handle any unexpected rise or fall in demand.

Able to Meet All Your Meat Requirements

Thomas Foods is entirely focused on meeting your demands. The company has a fully integrated supply chain that allows them to customize a solution to fit any specification or need for both large and small orders anywhere in the world.

This guarantees that your delivery will always be reliable, secure, and of the best quality. With choices for both consumer-facing retail and wholesale, TFI can tailor a programme to meet even the most specific customer.

Sustainable Practices

Thomas Foods is dedicated to using farming methods that are environmentally friendly and don’t deplete our natural resources. To achieve low emissions and effective energy consumption, the company has created a set of environmental best management practices that are used throughout all of its operations.

We’ve all watched upsetting films of animals being mistreated in industrial farms, including malnutrition, crowded living quarters, and cruel ways of slaughter. Thomas Foods Australia takes animal welfare seriously because of this. The business is dedicated to treating animals with respect and compassion. The local governing and advisory authorities ensure that all of the animals in their care are raisefollowingth the highest welfare standards.

Supporting Communities

TFI is, at its core, a family-oriented company. It shares concern for the workers, the farm animals, and the neighborhoods where they live and conduct business.

TFI views it as a privilege to be able to help people in the neighbourhood who most need it as part of the mission to feed families internationally. The company is dedicated to making a difference, whether it is by helping Foodbank, Australia’s largest organisation fighting hunger, or by supporting the neighbourhood sports team.

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