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Then vs. Now: The Evolution of Women’s Lingerie

Women in Lingerie

We live in a new age of sexual freedom and tolerance. From reproduction without sex to open relationships, the attitude towards sex is evolving rapidly and a new sexual revolution may be on the rise. But still, it seems like scientists have been slow to understand women’s sexuality because it’s not as simple as choosing between dildo vs. vibrator.

Girl under sheets using rabbit style vibrator sex toys

For women sexuality changes with age and while it may slow down as they grow older, it doesn’t disappear completely. One of the most powerful tools of erotic pleasure used for the display of the body during sexual play is womens lingerie. The term is derived from the French word linge, referring to the material from which underwear was traditionally made, and that’s linen.

Women’s Lingerie: Then vs. Now

Women’s lingerie has experienced a huge transformation, starting with the corsets of the early 1800s through to the current trends – from restrictive and shaping to push up and barely-there undergarments.

Affected by style trends and the cultural climate of the times, including attitudes towards sex, lingerie had become a generic term used to describe underwear that had moved beyond practical function to become a tool that can designate a specific occasion as sexual.

women lingerie

Underwear for women was determined by the use of delicate fabrics and applied decoration and as the twentieth century progressed, the increase of the popularity and use of women’s lingerie mirrored women’s gradual freedom. It went from the constraints and notions of what appropriate femininity is, to sexually and socially independent beings.

As the final barrier to the nude body, lingerie remains a subject of fascination that reveals, conceals and highlights the woman’s form. You can find womens lingerie in different styles, from classic to fashion-forward, comfortable to overly seductive.

The crazy corsets of the 1800s were used to create an illusion about the women’s body shape, and despite the possible physical damage caused by these restricting undergarments, women of all social classes have worn them over the centuries to achieve desirable silhouettes.

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The silhouettes of outerwear have changed throughout history and the ladies underwear has evolved significantly. The relationship between the dress and the female body has been redefined over time as well as the function and appearance of women’s lingerie. The expanding lingerie market these days offers styles for every woman.

Buying women’s lingerie can be a challenging experience. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and special and choosing the right lingerie can do wonders to make you look and feel great. Whether it’s for a special night with a special man or just because you feel like you need to add to your selection of lingerie, here are a few ideas that can help your find what suits your best.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie

Before you begin your search, you need to know the different types of lingerie for women available. The following are some of the most popular pieces.


Chemise lingerie

It’s a short dress that looks amazing on its own or you can wear it in a combination with matching thongs. A chemise fits snuggly to the body, hitting around mid-thigh. Thanks to its dress-like cuts, your chemise can play up your bust and hips and draw attention to your waist.


This is a one-piece set consisting of a bra and underwear. It’s also referred to as a bodysuit and is a great choice for special occasions or for layering under your outfit. Teddies are essential in every woman’s wardrobe as they offer incredible sensuality. All teddies are meant to move with the body, making you feel comfortable and confident at the same time.


A good bodystocking is an absolute must-have for any lingerie lover. It’s a comfortable piece of lingerie known for its seductive properties as it provides discrete body contouring and sheer sex appeal. It goes perfectly with almost any outfit and you can choose from many different styles and wear them in several ways.


A staple in every woman’s wardrobe, a well-fitted and well-made bra is a must-have. The key is to choose a bra that supports your breast shape. It’s always a good idea to have a few different bra styles on hand for various occasions.


Bralettes are a great choice if you dislike wired bras. They are becoming an increasingly popular option over the past few years mainly because it’s free of wires, padding and cups and offer full coverage. They are aesthetically pleasing and some can be worn as outwear as well.


A bustier is very similar to a corset, but it focuses on lifting your bust. It works like a push-up bra and can easily make your breasts look well rounded.


If you’re thinking about getting creative with your undergarments, lingerie costumes might be the right choice. The best thing about them is that there is no need to look for missing pieces or think about mixing and matching, but still, you can use each piece separately if you wish.

Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type

To feel comfortable in your lingerie and love the way you look when wearing it, you need to choose lingerie based on your body type. If you have a curvy hourglass shape with ample curves and a well-defined waist, a teddy is a great choice of lingerie that will show off your waist and curves and help you look your best.

If you’re more pear-shaped with wider hips than your bustline and your shoulders, you can emphasise your body shape with a chemise or bustier. Any of the two can give a more balanced look to your figure.

But if you have a rectangular shape body, with smaller curves and a less defined waist, you can look for a corset that will provide a more classic, or so-called hourglass shape.

Have you got wide shoulders and bustline, but narrow waist and hips? Then you have an inverted triangle body shape and a teddy can help you slim the shoulders and elongate your body and get the best look out of your natural shape.

sexy lingerie

If you have a round or apple shape body with a wide waist, then you can opt for a chemise. It can help you deemphasise the waist and make you look and feel great.

Choosing the right lingerie can make you feel good, happy and confident not only in the bedroom but in many other aspects of your life even though some tiny lingerie pieces are not even seen by others, except your partner, maybe. It never hurts to feel sexy and feel good, so feel free to play around with different lingerie looks and types anytime you feel like it’s time to try out something new and seductive.

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