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The Ultimate Comparison Guide to Home Bar Seating Solutions

Home Bar Seating

We all want to live a fancy life every now and then, don’t we? All those long hours at the office? Working super hard to get that promotion? Coming back home exhausted with absolutely no will to socialise or leave the house? Yeah, you deserve some nice things. You’ve earned it anyway.

Here’s a humble suggestion – why not include stylish bar stools around that tall kitchen counter? Sure, there’s always that debate between bar stools as opposed to dining chairs, but why go down the conventional road here? You’d think bar stools are only appropriate for bars and restaurants but what’s stopping you from adding an extra edge to your home décor? It’s quite a unique decoration that will surely make you stand out from the rest.

With that said, there are some things you should be aware of before you venture on your bar stool journey. But don’t fret – it’s not anything too elaborate. We’ll just give you a few pointers to ease the decision-making process a bit. We all need a little helping hand sometimes.

What Are Bar Stools?

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In short, bar stools are tall, narrow chairs that are supposed to easily blend in with your kitchen counter. You’ve most likely seen them in public places when you’re out and about. Generally speaking, a modern stool for bar doesn’t offer back support but it does have a convenient footrest to help you keep your balance.

Normally, they’re higher than regular chairs to accommodate the height of bar counters and tables. Despite their size, they’re usually lightweight and easy to move around if necessary. Because of their modular nature, you can arrange and rearrange the placement of your stools however and whenever you like.

Why Should You Invest in Bar Stools?

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There are a handful of reasons why people opt for bar stools as part of their homes.

Stylish and Practical Addition to Your Home

Bar stools aren’t the conventional type of chairs you can find basically anywhere you go. Their sophisticated and elegant design is what makes them a standout feature in any room décor style. It’s also much easier to sit down and stand up on stools than it is on chairs because of their height.

One thing I really like to do is use the stools to swivel around. This allows you to follow the action on all fronts. Want some extra salt and pepper from the counter? No need to get up, just turn around and grab what you’re looking for. Everything is much more accessible and easily reachable when you’re up on the stool. Let’s be real here – we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve needed something but decided not to get it because that means we have to get up from the chair. Who needs water anyway? But see, if you’re sitting on a bar stool, you can conveniently turn around and get what you need.

Here’s a fun fact – contrary to popular belief, bar stools are actually great for improving your posture. Shocker. But, hear us out. When you’re sitting on a stool for bar, you’re immediately more alert and focused on your surroundings because there’s no backrest. In this way, there’s a very little chance that you’ll end up slouching in your seat and adding unnecessary pressure to your spine.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

You’d think that bar stools would be somewhat more expensive because of their eye-catching design but their affordable price is actually what people find even more appealing. You won’t have to spend a fortune here just because you want to add a couple of stools to your collection. And everyone likes a good deal.

Another great thing here is that the stool is easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is dust or wipe them down every once in a while to keep things in check. You won’t need any additional tools or equipment to wick away those pesky dust particles.

Key Considerations When Buying Stools

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While all those advantages do sound great, you need to consider a few extra factors as well.

Stool Height

Bar stools come in a variety of heights and it’s absolutely crucial that you get the appropriate one for your counter. This is especially important if you don’t choose ones with an adjustable height level. If you go too low, you’ll have to reach up for the counter. If you go too high, then you’ll definitely be slouching. Measure the distance between the floor and the top of your counter to make the right choice.


Wood is the most common option for at-home bars because of its classic appearance that never goes out of style. If, however, you want something more comfortable, then leather is the way to go. Just keep in mind that you might start to feel sweat pooling in after a while since leather is notorious for trapping moisture. If neither of the two aforementioned options sound good for you, you can always go for plastic. They’re quite durable and a great addition to a modern household.

Style and Type of Seats

While most models of bar stools can blend in nicely with any type of decoration, it’s nonetheless a good idea to pick ones that will complement the colour palette and overall vibe of the room. Wooden ones are great for a rustic, quaint appearance while leather ones exude luxury and sophistication. Plastic stools are somewhere in between since they’re both modern and practical.

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