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The Different Types of Dog Beds: Choose the Best One for Your Furry Pal

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Dogs are humans’ best friends and taking good care of them is the best way to show them how much we appreciate their love. Providing them with the right food and activities and visiting the vet regularly are just some of the things you can do to make sure your furry friend is healthy, happy and enjoying life.

To ensure a good life for your dog you’ll need many different things, such as feeder bowls, dog toys, a dog carrier to take them to the vet, to a dog show or on the road with you, and a dog bed at the end of the day. Quality sleep is important for the canine’s health and wellbeing. While it’s true that a tired dog can sleep almost anywhere, having their own bed is always a good idea.

Do Dogs Really Need a Dog Bed?

Having your dog pup on your bed with you might be comfortable sometimes, but often it can disturb your sleep if your dog is turning and tossing, or taking up most of your sleeping space if it’s a large breed. But you can have your puppy share your room by getting them a cosy bed to sleep on comfortably.

You can place several dog beds around your home and encourage your dog to hang out on them rather than on your furniture. Also, you can take dog beds with you when you travel, or consider waterproof dog beds if your dog likes spending a lot of time outside the house. So, what are the types of dog beds you can choose from?

Waterproof Pet Beds for Dogs

Waterproof beds are a great solution for outdoor use and enthusiastic chewers. Even if your dog is living outside the house, you still want to make sure that it’s taken care of properly. You can choose from a variety of waterproof dog beds and select the right one for your pooch. Whether your dog has been swimming, spent some time out in the rain, or is prone to accidents, which can happen with senior dogs or puppies, this type of bed comes in very handy.

Typically, it has a waterproof lining, which prevents liquids from soaking into the bed’s filing or it can have a waterproof base, which means there won’t be leakage from the bed. A waterproof dog bed has weather-resistant covers and is ideal for outdoor spaces. It’s great for keeping your dog up off the ground and providing it with a cosy sleeping spot. This type of dog beds comes in many different shapes and designs, such as the following.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

These beds are designed for dogs who suffer from painful conditions, such as arthritis or have a low proportion of body fat. Orthopaedic dog beds support old joints or very large dogs and usually, they have medical-grade foam and/or box-spring construction. This type of beds provides provide extra support for your dog’s body, alleviate pain and are comfortable for any type of dogs, senior dogs or those with orthopaedic problems as well as for thin and bony dogs.

Raised Dog Beds

These are very popular dog beds lately. As the name suggests, they are raised off the floor and keep your dog off the cold floor. They are similar to camping beds, with waterproof fabric stretched over a sturdy frame, while some versions are shaped like sofas. Frames can be made of wood, metal, wicker or other materials.

Raised dog beds are a great choice for young dogs who can jump up and down to bed platform without the risk of getting hurt. However, they are not recommendable for dogs with orthopaedic problems or breeds prone to back problems because jumping to and from the bed can cause harm or discomfort.

Dog Snuggle Beds

These are some of the most typical types of dog beds available on the market. If your dog likes to curl up when it takes a nap, then a snuggle bed will work out excellently. The comfort level of these dog beds is very high, making them a good bed option for dogs of any age. They’re quite stylish as well and can easily fit in with your home décor.

Benefits of Getting a Dog Bed for Your Pouch

Buying a dog bed is one of the most rightful decisions you can make as a dog owner. There are many different sizes and colours of water resistant dog beds, so you can choose one that suits your dog’s needs and enjoy the benefits it provides, such as the following.

Ensures Better Sleep

A cosy dog bed can easily turn into an oasis for your dog, a spot where they can relax and snooze anytime they need to. Good quality sleep can keep your dog healthy, and this is especially important for older dogs who need more sleep than younger dogs who have a lot of energy and can be active for many hours.

Provides Your Dog with a Sense of Privacy and Security

We all know dogs are territorial and value their possessions a lot. And sometimes they just want to be away from mischievous kids, noisy guests, cats or else. Having a cosy place that they can access at any time is a great solution. It will help your dog feel calmer and enjoy their retreat.

Easy to Clean

One of the main things dog owners love about water resistant dog beds is that they can be washed easily. Make sure to follow the washing instructions on the care label, which will help you get rid of disease-causing bacteria and unpleasant odour. Most dog beds have removable covers which make the cleaning process easier and can be washed frequently.

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