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The Comparison of Different Types of Skating Equipment


Jun 22, 2016

Trends come and go, but there are those that are here to stay and skating is one of them. Though it might seem as a more recent kind of recreational activity, since there are many films from the 80s of the previous century revolving around skating, however surprising it may seem, its beginnings go as back as the 18th century. With ice skating only making for a winter fun, people wanted to find a way to have that entertainment year round which brought to the invention of skates and they quickly took over the world.

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The simplistic design of the past has undergone considerable changes as much as everything nowadays, so the designs of today are made for optimal comfort and performance. Regardless of whether you are a fervent fan of skating and have done it for years or just a beginner, it is important to know everything about the types of skating equipment there are since it is crucial for your safety and mastering the skating tricks and turns. As part of the perks of living in the 21st century, you can easily find everything you need from a skate store online without even leaving home.

Logically, the most basic part of the equipment are the skates. Since the 90s decade of the previous century was marked by a new kind of trend, rollerblading, it is important to note (though you may find rollerblades are also called inline skates or simply skates) that the skates of retro style skating are roller skates. Depending on the wheel type, there are indoor and outdoor roller skates. The difference between the two lies in their hardness (durometre). Hard wheels are made for indoor use as opposed to soft ones which are designed for outdoor skating. The interesting thing about outdoor skates is that they can also be used indoors, which can’t be said about indoor skates that can get damaged if used outdoors. If you want to use your indoor pair for outdoor fun, then you should replace the wheels. Outdoor wheels are thicker for a better absorption of unevenness, and quality ones are made of high-rebound urethane. Derby and speed skates are special skates made for rinks and skillful skaters.

You will also be able to find children’s skates in a skate store online, and turn your family walks into an amusing pastime. When teaching kids how to skate, it is the perfect opportunity to also teach them about safety being a priority. The safety bits of equipment are just as essential as the skates. Even if you are very careful and haven’t had an accident as of late, it is a must to wear a helmet. Helmets nowadays are just as functional as they are stylish and these pieces of equipment come in many colours and patterns, so they can also add charm to your outfit.

Elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards are also not to be underestimated. Skating, as much as any activity, is about trial and error. You can’t become a pro at skating tricks if you don’t practice enough and almost every practice of this kind is bound to end in an accident every now and then. Casual roller skaters as much as competitive ones are advised to include these protective elements in their protective gear. Wearing a mouth guard will not only protect your teeth, but its design is also made to reduce the shock in case there is some impact on the head. Basically, every part of the equipment is required for a safe and sound activity, so you should have everything in check for your skating time. Find videos to watch and master some more skills, learn how to use the stop, and you are good to go.

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