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The Best Kids Mattress for Your Little One: Foam vs Innerspring


Is it time to move your little angel from the baby cot to a big boy/big girl bed? When it comes to the bed, it’s not the frame or bed sheets you should worry about – it’s the mattress. A good mattress will support a child’s developing body and ensure proper growth. If you take a look at the two most popular choices – foam and innerspring mattresses, you’re going to notice plenty of differences. Each mattress has its own unique properties that make it a better choice than the other. It is up to you to decide which of the two is good enough for your precious little angel. Let’s see how they compare.


Foam – Flexible and Supportive

In the world of mattress production, foam is the newest, most advanced material. Especially memory foam, which is a quality visco elastic material, meaning it can regain its shape back no matter how hard your child jumps on it. But most importantly, a kids mattress made of memory foam can conform perfectly to the contours of the body, offering personalized support and pressure relief, something that other types of mattresses could never achieve. This way, the mattress aligns the spine optimally, which promotes a healthy sleeping posture. And a proper spine alignment is more than important for a child in development.

Another good thing about foam mattresses is that they are less prone to housing bacteria. The thick structure of foam is not very attractive to dust mites either, so a foam mattress can provide a clean and germ free surface for a child to slip on. The only downside so far concerning foam mattresses is that they tend to lose their shape over time and start sagging from the core. However, durability is not a bid concern, as your child is bound to outgrow the kids mattress eventually.

Innerspring – Firm and Durable

If you have kids, you know the beating all of their belongings get. Especially their favourite trampoline – the mattress. Perhaps this is why some parents concerned about durability tend to choose innerspring mattresses. You may recall the innerspring mattress you had in your childhood and how it served you well until high school. This is because the inside of innerspring mattresses consists out of a layer of coils that keep the mattress firmly into shape. This coil construction also makes the mattress feel firmer, which some children may like better.

Moreover, innerspring mattresses have made a lot of advancements from how you remember them as a child. Today, you can find a design that incorporates multiple layers, like for instance mini-springs covered with a gel or memory foam. This kind of mattress can allow you to have the best of both worlds. However, you should be prepared to pay significantly more for it, as these types of mattresses are one of the priciest out there.

By Jessie Sanner

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