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SuperFeast Mushroom Supplements: A True Medicinal Powerhouse

Mushroom Supplements

Keeping your health in good condition is probably your highest goal. Having a good immune system is crucial for staying strong and protected against various illnesses. Boosting your immunity isn’t important only during the flu season, or to stay healthy during the pandemics, but also to keep your cells strong and healthy so no other dangerous diseases can affect you. Being healthy means having enough energy to work out or do things you love including sports, hiking, dancing, and even your everyday tasks.

Mushrooms have always been part of the human’s diet, but there’s more to them. There are certain mushrooms that can have beneficial effects on the human body. Since these medicinal mushrooms are hard to be found fresh in your local store (they are usually dried), it’s best to take them in the form of supplements.

Supplements use dried mushrooms turned into powder which is a far more convenient way to use them. This way you can be sure that you’re taking the right dose every day for a certain period of time. Also, you can always be sure that you are taking the right mushrooms, without worrying if they are safe or not.

Just like any supplement on the market, there is a variety of brands to choose from. One that currently stands out the most on the Australian market is SuperFeast. Superfeast Mushrooms is a brand made by herbalists and nature enthusiasts who spend hours and hours in nature, learning about mushrooms. Their love and knowledge are now transformed into supplements that can completely change your life.

What Are the Benefits of Mushroom Supplements?

For centuries mushrooms were used to treat fatigue, sickness, low libido, kidney diseases and other illnesses. Today people are returning to nature and realise that maybe these types of things can change their life for the better. There are so many benefits from mushroom supplements; not only you can boost your immunity, but these supplements can completely help you with things you never thought were able to be ‘cured’.

Potential Anti-Tumor Effects

Source: healthline.com

Certain mushrooms are known to slow the growth of tumours that humans suffer from such as lung, colon, skin and even liver cancer. You don’t have to necessarily have a tumour to take these supplements, but if you do, they can completely change your condition. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before you decide to take any supplements or medications.


Source: elveflow.com

We all want to stop the ageing process, whether by using certain cosmetics, changing our diets, spending more time exercising. But, did you know that some mushrooms are known to prevent some of the signs of ageing? Yes, it does sound too good to be true, but it is true.
Ageing doesn’t always show in the form of fine lines or poor vision. It can affect your balance, sex life, you may constantly feel tired. In Chinese Medicine, the elderly people were using Cordyceps to help with their fatigue and to boost sex drive. Today researchers believe that the antioxidant content found in this mushroom can affect the anti-aging properties.


Source: nature.com

Too much inflammation can be harmful to our bodies. TOo much of everything is bad, so too much inflammation can lead to diseases including cancers. According to recent studies, certain mushrooms like reishi, Shitake, Chaga or Cordyceps suppress the special protein that increases the inflammation in the body. This way it regulates the inflammation levels if the mushrooms are dosed properly. And since you will take the right dose of your supplements, there is no way you can take more than necessary.

The Best Mushrooms to Supplement With

If you’re checking out the Superfeast mushrooms products, you will see they have all sorts of options like Reishi, or Chaga. Make sure to do your research and do a general checkup of your health, before you take any of these supplements.


Source: nulivscience.com

Reishi is a fungus that grows in hot areas of Asia and was part of eastern medicine for centuries, because of its many health benefits, such as boosting the immune system and cancer-fighting. When it comes to the immune system, reishi is a wonderful option to keep unwanted intruders in a natural way.
Reishi is most known worldwide thanks to its potential cancer-fighting properties. Although it is hard to explain if this mushroom increases the activity of white blood cells that fight cancer, the wester medicine is turning towards it more and more (combined with the traditional treatment).


Source: birchboys.com

Chaga mushrooms grow on the crust of birch trees mostly in cold climates and can be found in Scandinavia, Alaska, or Siberia. This mushroom has been used for centuries as a medicine to strengthen immunity and to improve general health. The Chaga stimulates the white blood cells that are crucial for fighting harmful bacteria and viruses and when it comes to cancer its triterpene (an antioxidant) can kill cancer cells.

Shitake Mushrooms

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Shiitake is not only used in the kitchen, but it’s also a mushroom that can improve your health. This mushroom is known to help with blood pressure and circulation, lowering cholesterol levels and improve general heart health.

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