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Strongman Equipment: Barbell Chains or Farmers Walk Handles?

Barbell Chains

Since modern times create modern workplaces, it’s not surprising most of us ended up with desk jobs in recent years as a result of the world going digital. This especially became the norm as of last year, the COVID-19 pandemic-driven 2020, when we all got to spend a great deal of time in our home offices.

While the comfort the home workplace provided was enjoyable to a certain point, it was also proving to be detrimental to our health and lifestyles. With most of the gyms closed, and lockdowns being in force, many of us had the excuse for treating our bodies bad and adopting poor habits.

Luckily, you can get the motivation you need, as well as the means to work on your dream body goals, with the help of home gym equipment. There are many advantages that stem from working out at home as opposed to the local gyms. Now, out of all the ranges of items, designs, prices, few brands and products stand out as much as the practical Strongman equipment.

Unique home gym
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As competitive as the weightlifting Strongman event can be, it’s great as an individual sport option too, considering it helps you work on your core and functional strength, as much as endurance (both muscular and cardiovascular) and speed. Now, since the range of this type of equipment is wide and there are plenty of truly bulky pieces, as a beginner you mightn’t know where to even begin with the shopping for your gym.

Implements in the likes of the car deadlift frames, the various sizes of Strongman yoke, and the heavier logs that require more strength may seem attractive long-term, but as you work your way through this new habit with the basic exercises you should stick to something space-savvy and easier as the barbell chains and farmers walk handles.

Barbell Chains

Besides getting more muscle mass, and a great physique, this type of Strongman equipment Australia stores and suppliers offer comes in handy with developing maximum tension instead of the usual tension that only makes certain body areas stronger. Based on the principle of “accommodating resistance” you’d be able to increase your strength – even at the weakest points in your lifts. In other words, you can take training to the next level!

If you also acquire a bench, or you do some squat lifting, instead of using a deadlift, the barbell chains would even help increase your stability. This is so because you’d get to engage all your muscles, keeping them tight and stable throughout the lifts. This is a challenge for many lifters who struggle to keep the body core tight. Furthermore, this type of gear is great for increasing speed as well.

Man lifting Barbell Chains
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The reason for this lies behind the way chains help train the nervous system thus they help develop the usual force from weightlifting but at a speedier rate. You won’t even have to spend too much time on this to reap the benefits since a period of ten minutes spent in a few squats per minute would do.

Speaking of speed, when you loop the chains around the bar, and not hang them down, you can significantly benefit from bar stability and velocity. Peak contractions can also be easily achieved if you use the chains with certain isolation exercises as in the example with the lateral raises and flyes.

Lastly, it’s common knowledge weightlifting adds a lot of load on the knees, which leads to plenty of body, specifically joint issues, wear and tear. When you do the squatting with efficient Strongman equipment chains, the exercise doesn’t take so much toll on the bottom.

You’d be able to carry on with the weightlifting and muscle gaining minus the knee injuries! Just to be on the safe side, it’s advisable to also use knee sleeves. If you plan to work out with a bench, incorporating the chains would prevent shoulder injuries, whereas with the deadlifts you’d avoid lower back injuries and stress.

Farmers Walk Handles

If you want to activate every muscle group, then don’t skip on farmers walk exercises either. No matter whether you’re into fitness, or strongman-like exercise, you can be certain you’d significantly benefit from the purchase and use of the Strongman farmers walk handles, starting from improving your posture.

The reason it’s so has to do with the way this walk makes you think of your form and how you balance your body. You’d be able to exercise with minimal risks of injury because the movement would come naturally to you. When you get the gist of it, you’d even get accustomed to it, so you won’t have to focus on the way you balance and walk.

Farmers Walk Handles
Source: iheartsynergee.ca

If you think weightlifting, even when reinforced with chains, is too much injury risk for you, then implement these handles. Same as with the weights, you have muscle mass build guaranteed, with or without bodybuilding supplements! The more you work on perfecting your exercise, specifically on your grip, the better results you’d have. Especially if you slowly but surely progress into loading up on the weights, and then incorporating powerlifting exercises as well.

Besides shaping up your arms, shoulders and upper back, you’d also benefit from optimum endurance, core strength and stability which you can then use for chain lifting. And, while you’re focusing on these gains, you’d come to realise just how essential farmers walk handles prove to be for weight loss too!

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