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Stationary Or Mobile Air Compressors – Which Is The Right Choice?

mobile air compressor

The need of compressed air is present in almost every industry. Truth is that air compressors have slowly become a necessity, thus are not considered as an option anymore. Businesses of different industries heavily rely and need these heavy-duty machines to provide and assure continuous work flow and optimum productivity. In fact, air compressors are part of the everyday work equipment of industries, such as traffic and communication, construction, mining, manufacturing, running and maintaining warehouses and medicine.


Statistics show that almost 80% of the businesses at a global level use air compressors in their daily operations. But, other reports also reveal that when it comes to buying an air compressor, companies experience difficulties in choosing the right one for their business operations. The main concern is whether to buy stationary or mobile air compressors for sale. So, let’s take a look at the main characteristics of both types.

  • Stationary Air Compressors

As the name itself indicates, this model of air compressor is fixed in one position and cannot be move from site to site. Usually, non-portable models come with bigger air-compressor capacities, thus larger tank sizes, compared to mobile air compressors. Stationary air compressors are specially designed to store greater volumes of air, which enables another important option – more stored cubic feet. Logically, the greater the stored cubic feet, the easier for the compressor pump to deliver and keep the cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) at the desired pounds per square inch (PSI). Stationary air compressors are mostly used for automotive work and machinery, and industrial applications too.

  • Mobile Air Compressors

Also known as portable compressors, the mobile air compressors are a more flexible solution as they allow you to have compressed air anywhere you need it. This air compressor model is also regarded as the work force of construction and building sites, thus the use of mobile air compressors should not be underestimated. Mobile (portable) air compressors are commonly used on road works and as emergency (backup) compressors for factories. Many companies opt for mobile air compressors for sale instead of stationary ones. Whether searching for mobile compressors for sale online or offline, make sure you purchase from a reliable source only. Therefore, do your homework beforehand.

By Anthony Hendriks

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