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Spotlight on Rattan Decor: Add Natural Texture to Every Room

Rattan DecorSource: vox.com

Is it any wonder that indoor rattan furniture has experienced such immense popularity in recent years?

This tree-climbing vine, frequently created by expert artisans, is increasingly in demand because of its toughness and environmental friendliness. Retailers and manufacturers use the material in ever-more inventive ways, creating beautiful designs in shapes and structures that would be impossible to make from wood.

What Decor Goes with Rattan?

Rattan is a common material in shabby-chic or boho-style interiors, but it complements a variety of design aesthetics. It adds warmth and a more relaxed atmosphere, preventing modern interiors from feeling too cold. It also gives historic spaces a more laid-back feel.

With a few exceptions, indoor rattan furniture and home decor items follow the most recent fashion trends. Homeowners are leaning more toward eco-friendly, handcrafted items that add a touch of nature to the room’s decor. Natural rattan is the only material that more closely complies with these design tenets than other trendy buzzwords like Scandi, minimalism, Bohemian, Japandi, and biophilic.

How to Incorporate Rattan Into Your Home?

While you may love the rattan look, you might wonder how to incorporate it into your home. Spreading a few modern home decor items made of rattan around the house to give it a lighter feel can be the best way to start. That way, you can elevate and tie your space together while maintaining a casual, comfortable appearance that works with most styles. Once you get used to it, you can go bold with rattan furniture pieces to embrace a complete look. Here are some ideas for great rattan homewares if you’re unsure how to make the most of the trend.

home decor items
Source: saltinourhair.com

Rattan Room Dividers

The popularity of rattan folding screens, a historical furniture design, is currently skyrocketing. These portable changing screens, frequently divided into a folding mechanism of two or three pieces, aren’t only a terrific method to offer a little privacy but can also be folded back down and stored away when not in use.

You can also use them to create a stunning divider to separate zones or hide something you would rather keep out of view. Choose a lightweight and sturdy modern homewares design to help you place it anywhere and move it effortlessly.

Rattan Wall Decor

Make traditional meet modern by decorating your walls with different rattan items. While you can use rainbow rattan hangers as the perfect accessory for any child’s room, nursery or bedroom, you can go for bold pieces like mirrors, clocks and frames for your living room accent wall. Opt for a collection, such as a group of hanging wall baskets, for a more intense look.

If you already have an accent hook wall, you can use rattan hangers to show off that special outfit or use them as a styling accessory within your home.

Rattan Clothes Rack

Why hide all those beautiful clothes when you can display them on rattan hangers on a beautiful rattan clothes rack? For example, children’s home decor items like a clothes rack made of rattan can be stand-out pieces in any child’s room or nursery.

Tips to Style Rattan in Your Home

Refresh Your Living Space

Almost any furniture, such as sofas, chairs, accent tables, folding screens, and more, can be made from rattan. It’s lightweight, readily accessible, and typically less expensive than other furniture materials, which makes it perfect for a modest room makeover. Rattan offers a relaxed, welcoming vibe ideal for living rooms where comfort is paramount. Add decorative items like toss pillows or a plush area rug to make the space cosier.

Add a Touch of Nature to the Bedroom

Rattan benches and chairs have a distinctive texture and neutral colours that go well with almost any bedroom colour plan. You can use a stunning woven peacock chair to fill a space or add a finishing touch by putting a rattan bench at the foot of your bed. Additionally, the light material makes furniture easy to transport if you desire to reorganise it.

rattan bench
Source: au.cozymatic.com

Pair It With Other Natural Elements

Pair it with plants, floral or botanical print fabrics, and other natural materials like jute or wood to accentuate its inherent beauty. Contrast the relaxed vibe of rattan with sleek mid-century furniture and chrome accents for a more eclectic appearance.

Use Rattan Light Fixtures to Brighten Your Space

Replace plain light fittings with rattan-style alternatives to create an eye-catching focal point. Look for sizable rattan pendants with sculptural shapes, or pick a lamp with an open-weave pattern to illuminate the entire space.

Pick Rattan Baskets to Add Storage

Create storage space wherever you need it by using rattan baskets. You can slip woven rattan baskets into almost any location because they come in various sizes and styles. While you can hide smaller baskets under decorative tables or behind cupboards for out-of-the-way storage, larger versions are perfect for keeping extra throw blankets and other linens readily accessible.

Stain or Paint Rattan for a Contemporary Twist

Rattan can be stained or painted in almost any colour, much like wood. Modernise rattan furniture and decor items easily with a new coat of paint, giving used or cheap objects a fresh appearance. Spray-paint it a bright, eye-catching colour, or go with conventional white for a more traditional appearance. For instance, rounded, white rattan stools can highlight how airy the space seems and contrast with a modern dining table.

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