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Smoking or Vaping: How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Smoke

How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Smoke

Did you know that second-hand smoke can harm your pets and in worst case scenario, kill them? Yes, smoking cigarettes indoors can be as harmful to your pets as it is for your own health. Most smokers are not aware of this fact and blame fleas for their pet’s skin inflammation. But none of them has the courage to take the responsibility for causing harm to pets with their smoking habit.

Given the fact that smoking can kill people or at least cause various breathing and respiratory problems, you should not be surprised to know that pets can be affected as well. Cigarettes are said to cause all kinds of allergies and skin inflammation in cats and dogs particularly as they are more sensitive to smoke. Stop poisoning your pets and make the switch to e cigarettes today. With one move you will make two things right. You will improve your health and prevent possible pet’s skin inflammation.


Studies show that the nicotine in cigarettes is extremely dangerous for pets if ingested, so make sure you keep cigarettes out of the house or at least opt for a less dangerous option like smoke free e cigarettes. Second hand smoke turns out to be quite dangerous for dogs, cats and other pets. It can cause nose and sinus cancers, lung cancer, mouth cancer, pneumonia and many other skin inflammation problems. For the sake of your own pet’s health, consider quitting cigarettes, or at least think of a better, much healthier smoking alternative.

Smoke free e cigarettes provide the same pleasure as traditional ones, with one difference – they are not dangerous. Plus they come with different flavours. Stop harming your pets with those stinky, dangerous-for life tobacco cigarettes. In some cases even if you have switched to smoke free e cigarettes , your pet can still experience skin inflammation. No need to traumatize your dog with painful vet visits. Instead try solving the problem yourself.

Soothe your dog’s pain with Epsom salt. It’s way cheaper and efficient than any other medication or flea products. The miraculous Epsom salt will do the trick. That means more money for you, less pain for your dog. Reduce inflammation by preparing an Epsom salt bath and keep your pet in it for at least 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure few times and your pet won’t have a problem with skin inflammation ever again.

Remember your pets are part of your family. Therefore, take care of them as you would of yourself.

By Jessie Sanner

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