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Skin Care: Natural vs. Chemical-Based Products

natural skin care products

When it comes to skincare, the right choice of products is what makes all the difference. Today’s options for skin-care products are greater than ever, and in certain ways better than ever as many companies are trying to keep up with new findings and alter the formulas accordingly. The main dilemma that’s puzzling everyone is whether natural-based products are better than chemical-based ones or it’s all just a trend and it’s the other way around. Let’s investigate.

Natural Based Skincare Products

Natural based skincare products are made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants, fruit extracts, and fruit acids. Natural products have the ability to both treat the skin and nourish it which leads to better long-term results. Moreover, these products have powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging process and assist in creating a younger and fresh looking skin. There are many face products that abound in natural ingredients such as essential and carrier oils and many people who have already seen the positive impact of this switch, have decided to complete their skincare collection with body products as well. What’s more, there are products you can use for your whole body as for instance the Weleda skin food. This is a unique, deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating whole-body cream that restores and protects the skin. The calming extracts find in the Weleda skin food cream include extracts of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, chamomile oil and calendula oil – which all work together beautifully.

weleda skin food

Chemical-Based Skincare Products

These products, unlike the natural ones, are made from different kinds of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. It is true that some chemicals can do the trick and help the skin look better when you put the product on, however, in the long run, treating the skin with such products can turn into skin allergies, irritation and all kinds of side effects. Simply put, more harm is done than good. Additionally, these chemical-based products can overtime exhaust your skin, make it saggy and lead to premature aging. That being said, the answer to the dilemma is quite clear. Staying clear of parabens, synthetic colours, and fragrance means avoiding contact with ingredients that eventually will do to your skin exactly the thing they promise to protect it from. These are used to preserve the product and allow it to last longer than normal thus have no place in your skincare.

By Jessie Sanner

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