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Skateboards vs Longboards: Get on Board with Us Debaters

More and more people nowadays are straying away from conventional sports and turning towards more extreme sports, such as skateboarding for instance. A lot of fans of this sport are in a heated debate whether longboards or skateboards are the better weapon of choice. And while both of these recreational activities are quite similar on first sight, they are quite different in many aspects, and they complement different types of skaters and cover a broad range of preferences and styles. You can buy both longboards and skateboards Australia specialized offline and online stores, and here are the benefits both of these styles offer and what makes them different from each other.

Skateboarding is mostly preferred for tricks, while longboarders perform other activities as well. Longboarding is mostly done on the streets rather than skateparks and they have a few variations which correspond to various deck shapes. Riders who have chosen to longboard, usually use it for transportation and cruising down the streets – these are the longboard’s most typical purposes.

Commuting with longboards has other advantages such as being inexpensive, enjoyable, lightweight and eco-friendly. When it comes to comparing skateboards and longboards for both long and short distances, the longboards are in fact created specifically for this purpose and have medium-sized, softer wheels which allow for a smooth ride and flexible maneuvering around corners, bumps, etc.

Another popular and thrilling activity one can do with longboards is downhill longboaring. The longboard reigns supreme over speed-invoking slopes and downhill boards are usually larger in size and stiffer, in order to enhance stability and enable the rider to achieve speed up to as 100 km/h.

On the other hand, skateboards are usually used by people that want to spend their time at skate parks performing various maneuvers and tricks. The skate parks usually provide many interesting obstacles, most popular are the bowls and half-pipes. Skateboarders usually grind on these obstacles, as well as other urban facilities like benches, curbs and staircases, but be wary, as this is not permitted everywhere.

Skateboarding provides body flexibility, as you have to remain flexible and limber while skating. Moreover, it offers a full body workout, as you’re moving with your feet and legs and you’re using your arms as a means of balance. You’re twisting your entire body and all these things happen at the same time, giving your body a variety of movements, and thus full body exercise.

Bottom line is, both longboarding and skateboarding are amazing activities, but with the help of the above-mentioned distinctions you should decide which one’s just the right for you before you enter a longboards and skateboards Australia shop. To sum it all up, you’re looking for a way to commute, the longboard is probably better for you, and if you’re looking to do tricks and spend a lot of time at skate parks, then the skateboard is the correct choice.

By Anthony Hendriks

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