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Shut the Door on Boring: Decorate Your Walls with Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

If you want to make your home more appealing without the huge expense of remodelling, you’re probably considering changing up your interior walls. There are two ways you can go about this project by using coloured wallpaper or painting. If you decided to go for wallpaper, this article is for you.

Generally speaking, when you want to add specific patterns to your walls such as florals, then wallpapers are the most optimal choice. They don’t only look better aesthetically but are also a durable option. Plus, they add a protective layer to the wall, are easy to clean and washable. But most importantly, you can make your home look colourful and stylish without breaking the bank.

Floral wallpapers have gone through different periods of popularity over the years, but this year they are really having a moment. Let’s see why it’s a smart idea to try a wallpaper floral redecoration for your home.

Modern Floral Wallpaper

Source: Livingetc

Floral design wallpaper was very popular during the ’70s and ’80s, but later it was replaced by geometrical patterns. Eventually, the wallpaper craze died out and people were painting their walls in monochromatic colours. But a few years ago, wallpaper made a come back in the interior design world and with it the lovely flower designs.

Today, wallpaper with flowers is not just a “thing” from the past, but a way to be creative and to make your space more appealing. The prints and patterns with flowers are not the same as at the time of our grandparents. Nowadays you can find modern floral wallpaper designs that will take your breath away. That being said, this kind of wallpaper, with its charm and authenticity remains one of many people’s favourite. So, what are the advantages of having floral wall paper installed in your home?

Matches Every Design Scheme

Source: loveproperty.com

If you want to add a feminine and youthful charm to your room, it’s time to give flower wallpapers a chance. One of the best things about this kind of wallpaper is that it can go with any room design and style. Everyone has a different interior design and aesthetic preferences, and today there is a variety of wallpaper floral designs online that can accommodate the wish of every individual. Depending on your existing design, you can go for a floral wallpaper featuring only two colours or pick a lively design with flowers in all kinds of hues.

Has a Transformative Power

Source: WallpaperSafari

If you want to transform a room from a very outdated and boring space to a trendy and modern place in a blink of an eye, modern floral wallpaper designs are here to help. So, no matter if you like more the romantic, the traditional or the casual look, floral wallpapers can offer you anything that you desire. Flowery wallpapers come in so many designs and colours that can revive every part of your house, not only the living room but the dining room, bedroom or toilet as well. They can even transform the look of your laundry room. Opt for a black wallpaper with deep and rich flower prints and make your laundry room fashionable in an instant.

Provides a Natural Touch

Source: HGTV

It’s important for every human being to nurture the connection with nature. While we may not be able to go outside as often, we can bring nature in with smart interior design choices, like for instance through the use of flowers wallpaper. Is there a more soothing feeling than the presence of many delicate and colourful flowers around you when you are in your living room? Flower wallpapers are so appealing that it’s very hard for a person to take their eyes off the walls. So, instead of decorating your living room with a bouquet of flowers that will only last for a couple of days, you can decorate it with florals in a more permanent way. You can celebrate the blossoming beauty of every season using these kinds of wallpapers in your space.

Great for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Source: ThePhotocrafters

If you have a baby girl, these kinds of wallpapers would be perfect for her room. Every girl loves flowers, The flowers in different sizes, shapes and colours in the wallpaper, can add life to the walls. If you want to create a setting that inspires positive and happy emotions, you can try adding flowery wallpaper in which pink or white dominates. These colours are often associated with warmth, love and harmony and have the power to soothe negative feelings. They are also considered as colours that boost productivity. On the other hand, flowers in hues such as yellow, purple or green can bring livelihood and excitement in the room, inspiring creativity.

Ways to Use Wallpaper

ways_to _use_floral_wallpaper
Source: Elle Decor

If you want to use wallpapers for your rooms but don’t know how, here are some ideas that might help you.

Cover All the Walls

If you are more into classic interior designs, covering all the walls in your space will create a cohesive, traditional look. However, being surrounded by flowers from all sides in the room can be overpowering, so the key to making this work is to go easy on the rest of the decor. Decorate the walls in these lively prints, but leave the rest of the room neutral and simple.

Cover Half the Wall

If you think that covering the walls from the bottom to the top may overwhelm the space, then you can try decorating either the top or the bottom half of the wall with wallpaper. This look was very popular in the past, but it still can be found in houses that lean towards traditional styles. A great vintage look is when the top half of the walls is covered with wallpaper and the bottom half has panelling.

Create a Feature Wall

Decorating a feature wall using floral wallpaper can be a great way to create a focal point in the room or to enhance an existing one. The wallpaper can be either bold or subtle, depending on the existing interior décor of the room. If by any chance you have more than one focal point, the eyes can easily get confused and create a sense of chaos. That is why, it is best if you try installing the floral wallpaper behind the TV or the fireplace, or on any other wall that your eyes are already naturally drawn to.

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