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Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Spa?

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Owning a spa is perhaps one of the best investments you can make for your well-being. With regular use, a spa can significantly improve your quality of life. Relaxed muscles and joints, better sleep, improved circulation and much more – once you start to experience the wonderful effects of your spa it will be hard to imagine a life without it. That’s why in order to keep your home spa in great shape and clean and safe to use, you need to regularly schedule servicing appointments and repair broken and malfunctioning parts as soon as possible.

When a significant problem arises with your spa, you might face the decision of whether to repair it or replace the whole thing. In that case, your best bet is to first consult an expert before making any impulsive steps. Calling a professional pool & spa service to check the condition of your spa is not much different than calling a plumber to check your pipes. Before you start jumping into conclusions and thinking that the spa is not fixable, the expert can make a complete assessment and tell you what your best option is.

Once a the pool & spa service estimates how much it will cost to get a repair, you can compare that to the cost of getting an new unit. On average, completely new spas range from $ 5000 to $12 000 for the more extravagant models, while the cost of most spa replacement parts usually does not exceed $1000. Of course, if you need to replace several bigger parts, like the filter and the pump for instance, getting a brand new model might prove to be the more cost-efficient solution.

Scheduling servicing ahead of time can save you from having to make costly repairs in the future. Servicing usually consists of cleaning and checking the state of the filters, dealing with any desalination, replacing the spa pack, cleaning and polishing the ceramic surfaces. If you notice any problems with your spa, don’t try to fix them on your own. Attempting to repair your spa can often result in further damage, and you can also risk harming yourself. The best advice is to always leave things in experienced hands.

In the end, don’t let the worry of spa maintenance deter you from getting one. Compared to maintaining and repairing a car, a spa is cheap and easy business. When you consider all the benefits owning a spa has, they definitely outweigh the initial investment and the effort you have to make keeping it in shape. If you want to be on your way to health and happiness, your very own home spa is the fastest route.

By Jessie Sanner

Always weighing things, the life of a Libra isn’t easy and that’s something Jessie is well acquainted with as a Libra herself. The confusion with having to choose between things is what helps her write for the blog, in the hope of making it easier for readers who are indecisive themselves. Interested in contrasts, like period dramas and sci-fi, casual and classy outfits, fries and detox shakes, the life of this young lady is anything but boring. Or is it?