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Shiraz or Syrah Wine – Is There a Difference?

Are Shiraz and Syrah the same grape varieties? This is one of the most common questions among novice wine lovers and the answer is quite simple – yes, they are the same. The homeland of this grape is northern Rhone in France, where it is known as Syrah, but in Australia, the grape is known as Shiraz and Australians made it their own. Both Shiraz and Syrah are made from the exact same grape varietal, but their style varies due to different origin. The typical Syrah wines are lighter compared to Australian intense Shiraz wines, which are richer, piper and more full-bodied.

Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, it is the fifth most planted red wine grape in the world. The reason? It is very easy to grow and the wines are tasty and easy to drink. Shiraz red wine grape has a highly concentrated and fresh-to-intense style. The traditional flavours of Shiraz or Syrah include red dark berry, tar, pepper, spice and violet. It is widely planted all over the world, but it certainly flourishes in Australia and France.


The most popular form of Syrah is being produced in Australia, known as Shiraz. The Shiraz red wine grape was planted for the first time in Australia in the mid 19th century and since it has become one of the most popular red wine grapes. Australia’s most reputable wineries include Shiraz in their wine portfolio, such as Yellow Tail, Rosemount, Victoria’s Crest, Gumdale, Wyndham Estate and others. Rich, soft, hearty-red and ripe red wines with intense fruit flavours, Shiraz reds are certainly some of the best wines you can find in a winery.

The most popular regions of this wine grape varietal in France are northern Rhone, Cote-Rotie, Hermitage, Cornas, Saint-Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage. In Australia, Shiraz is produced in McLaren Vale, Columbia Valley, Hunter Valley and others. Shiraz comes with various aromas, such as fruit, oak and complex. The complex-style Shiraz red wine grape will evolve as coffee , tobacco, chocolate, herb and earth. There are also many wines with fruit aromas, such as cherry, raisin, plum and blackberry.

Shiraz, or Syrah, is a multi-style red wine varietal. Whether you are a fan of easy-drinking and fresh-fruit wines or full-bodied and intense-fruit flavours, Shiraz can meet your taste. This wine is also perfect for various food pairings. The easy-drinking Shiraz wines go well with light cheeses and various aperitifs, while Shiraz wines with intense-fruit flavours are perfect companions to red meat dishes.

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