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Self Propelled Or Pull Type Scrapers – Which Is Better?

The scrapers are essential machines for the agricultural and construction industry, as they remove dirt, gravel or other unnecessary materials from the surface. In order to get the most out of a scraper, you need to use the right scraper model for your specific job. As a result of the increasing demand for scrapers, many manufacturers design new innovative models that provide more benefits and advantages than the previous scraper models. However, these machines can be classified into two main categories: self-propelled and pull-type scrapers. Continue reading and find out which scraper is ideal for your application.

In order to determine which scraper model is better for you, there are few factors that need to be considered: cost, soil type, ground conditions, job site, haul distance, availability of attachments, serviceability and so on. The cost is the most important consideration when selecting a scraper for your application. While the self-propelled scrapers generate low operating costs, the pull-type scrapers are faster and offer better fuel economy.

The self-propelled scrapers generate lower operating costs, because they do not require an additional vehicle for transportation. But, they are more expensive than the pull-type scrapers. The higher price comes from the fact that you need to pay for a unit with two engines.

Another advantage of the self-propelled scrapers is that they provide you more flexibility on the job site. In addition to their usual applications, most pull-type scraper models are capable to perform efficiently by using only one engine. A big plus of the pull-type scrapers is that they requires minimal maintenance. They are much simpler in design and have fewer parts than the self-propelled scrapers. However, the pull-type scrapers have few limitations. For example, they must pass short hauling distances in order to maximize the efficiency.

Another important consideration is how much labor is needed for moving material. With pull-type scraper, you will need only one operator, while with self-propelled scraper, at least two workers are required. To maximize your profit, buying a unit that requires only one operator (worker) is always a better option. If you are a small company, than the pull-type scraper will work best for you.

Whichever scraper model you choose, proper maintenance is important to get the most of it. Keep an eye of the cutting edges, follow your maintenance program, keep the pins greased and perform daily inspections to ensure all parts are fully functional.

By Anthony Hendriks

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