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Scoring vs. Missing Chances: Improve Shooting Accuracy with Football Goal Target Nets

Football Goal Target Net

When it comes to any type of sport, endurance and accuracy are the two most important factors if you want to become good at it. For football, in particular, the latter is mostly the case, as it plays an important role in almost every aspect of the sport. Being accurate in football doesn’t only involve having a great long-range shot- passing accuracy, marking, staying inline to prevent an offside and even going for a header all involve being accurate in one way or another.

It’s not that accuracy is everything, but it covers a lot of abilities and it can make you a lot better at the sport. Even if you’re a goalkeeper, being able to accurately punch the ball when there’s no way of saving it can be the difference between a deflection and an own goal. You definitely don’t want to experience the latter, which is why it’s important to practise your accuracy. The best way to improve your accuracy is to get a target, such as a goal target net.

Benefits of Football Goal Target Nets

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Why get football target nets instead of any other pieces of training equipment? Well, for starters, a goal target net is a pretty straightforward piece of practise equipment, no matter whether you’re a novice or someone who wants to get back in shape. A football target is simple to set up and take down, meaning you won’t have to spend any extra time before and after you finish practising.


With a goal target net, you get a lot of versatility. This is because both the targets and goal nets come in different sizes so you can improve your accuracy both from close and long-range. This way, you can also improve in different shooting and passing techniques. Football target nets can be used for both individual and team training sessions.

Help Develop

Goal target nets can help you develop your shooting and passing abilities, on top of providing a better power to accuracy ratio. Both your passing and shooting abilities are improved on top of your visualisation and awareness thanks to the repetition that comes with these exercises.

How to Find the Right Goal Target Nets

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Since it takes time to improve your shooting, passing skills and develop new techniques, it’s important to go for football target nets that will last a long time. The first and most important thing to pay attention to when it comes to choosing a durable goal target net is the net itself. You should look for one that is woven, otherwise, you won’t get many practise hours from it. The mounting of the goal should feature metal connections. Avoid plastic ones, as they are known to break easily.


The frame of a football goal net with targets is something extremely important, but some don’t come with it. So make sure the goal post target net you’re considering comes with one.


The number and size of targets will determine how your training sessions go. If you get a goal net with a lot of small and tightly positioned targets you’ll have a hard time hitting them, especially from a greater distance. But that doesn’t mean you should get a goal net with targets that are too big and too spaced out either. This will make things easier, but it won’t feel as much of a challenge once you get used to the targets. You should get a goal net with targets that come in varying sizes scattered over the goal.


Of course, you have to make sure the target practise net is compatible with the goal. Furthermore, consider what you’ll be using the target practise net for. Do you want to practise free-kicks, penalties, or for the improvement of finishing skills? This will determine the number and size of targets as well as the size of the target net itself.


You need to take into consideration the number of targets you need and their size. The size of the goal will vary based on the size of the targets, but that doesn’t mean you should get a bigger one in order to get more targets to practise on. You should decide on the number and size of targets depending on what you’ll want to practise the most which will then help determine the size of the goal too.

What Size Are Goal Posts?

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A standard goal post, no matter how big a pitch is, should be 7.3 meters wide and 2.4 meters tall. Some pitches may extend up to 100 meters in length and others may be as small as 82 meters, but the goal post stays the same regardless of the pitch width and length. For training purposes though, the size of a goal post varies depending on the type of training exercise and the age of the participants in that exercise.

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