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Rolling with Excellence: Richmond’s Specialized Castors for Every Material Handling Need

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No matter which type of business you look at, wherever carts, trolleys, or roll cages are used, they’re being moved around on castors. These normally unnoticeable, undriven wheelsets are an ever-present part of most commercial and industrial environments, and they’re the low-cost solution for keeping high-cost material handling damages down.

They’re not just small sets of wheels arbitrarily attached to organizational equipment, though. Depending on where and how they’re used, they can possess a variety of special attributes that are specific to their operating environment. They may require anti-static properties if they’re used to move sensitive electrical equipment, or a range of heat-resistant qualities to prevent tread bonding if they’re employed in high-temperature settings.

Not surprisingly, there’s one Australian company that specializes in making heavy-duty castors for these types of wide arrays of material handling scenarios. It just so happens that their three most popular castors are also their most specialized; and if you take a moment to compare them, you’ll quickly recognize what they can do for your business.

Australia’s Best Castor and Rolling Solutions Come from Richmond

Source: facebook.com/richmondwheelandcastors

For more than seven decades, Richmond castor wheels and rolling solutions have been the go-to choice for Australian and New Zealander businesses that want to keep their equipment movable. They’re pioneers in modern conveyor equipment, as well as mobile and towing robotics, but it’s a reputation for high-quality castors that they’re best known for.

Richmond offers over 2000 different castor types, covering more than 50 different castor styles. And in addition to covering the most routine moving requirements, their castors are also designed to satisfy a wide range of unique floor, and environmental conditions, including:

  • Movements through wet areas, or environments where equipment needs regular wash downs;
  • Movements through areas where persistent temperature extremes are likely to be found; and,
  • Areas where floor protection, and spin-on-a-instant mobility are highly preferred.

Richmond’s exclusive stainless steel Excel and Elite, and zinc Durolite models are built and designed especially for these kinds of conditions. Businesses that need to quickly and efficiently navigate their movable equipment around in less-than-perfect settings don’t have the luxury of negotiating with inflexible, low-quality castors and wheel sets. That’s why with Richmond castors, Australia knows they’ve got the best castor available.

Excel Castors Aren’t Afraid to Get Wet

Source: roadware.co.uk

Lightweight, 304 stainless steel Richmond Excel castors are designed for operating environments where exposure to water and moisture is a part of the job. From wet laundry carts that are subjected nonstop to liquids and cleaning agents, to food service carts that require regular cleaning, these are castors that medical facilities, laundromats, and laboratories can rely on to confidently stand up to everything from persistent moisture to heavy hose downs without problems.

With frame heights up to 183mm, and a choice of either rigid, or swivel wheel configurations, Excel castors come with a host of features that include:

  • Design ratings for 200kg – 300kg load capacities;
  • A choice of full or glass-filled nylon, poly, aluminium, or high-temp polymer wheel construction;
  • Wheel diameters from 100mm to 150mm;
  • Plain, stainless steel ball, or oilless bearings; and,
  • Optional brakes, or directional wheel locks.

For maximum resilience where water is ever-present, and hygiene and health are paramount, Excel castors are the perfect solution.

Elite Castors are Built for Temperature Swings

Source: miformaciongratis.com

When it comes to handling extremes, not only are rugged Richmond Elite castors designed for moving through the water, but they’re also built to take the kinds of temperature swings that can occur when moving between steamy kitchens and cool freezers. These are tough conditions for any wheel, as well as a wheel bearing set, but 304 stainless steel Elite castors can handle it without a problem.

Cold room, frozen storage and meat carts are ideal candidates for Elite castors, and their lineup of features includes:

  • Design ratings for 30kg – 100kg load capacities;
  • A choice of nylon, poly/nylon, elastic rubber, or aluminium wheel construction;
  • Wheel diameters from 50mm to 125mm;
  • Plain, stainless steel ball, or DU® high / low temp bearings; and,
  • Optional brakes, or directional wheel locks.

Maintenance-free design is a common attribute for all Richmond castors, but with the Elite’s extra resistance to temperature swings as well as heavy washdowns, they’re the optimal solution for wherever food needs to be moved.

Nimble Durolite Castors Give You Instant Mobility

Source: richmondau.com

The twin swivel races used on lightweight Richmond zinc Durolite castors provide them with the fast-moving mobility that retailers, hospitals, and all kinds of general businesses can instantly benefit from. From multi-level clothing racks and store fixtures, to fast-moving hospital equipment, the Durolite’s light swivelling action makes them the best castor for movables that move around a lot; and with an 80kg – 100kg load capacity, they’re not afraid of the weight.

The Durolite’s excellent swivelling action is complemented by its wide wheel assortment. In fact, the Durolite lineup has one of the largest range of wheel options of all Richmond castors, and it includes:

  • Institutional, or rebound polyurethane rubber;
  • Full or glass-filled nylon, and poly / nylon-centred;
  • High-temperature polymer;
  • Anti-static rubber; and,
  • Aluminium or cast iron.

Zinc Durolite castor wheels also come in diameters from 75mm to 150mm, and with frame heights up to 187mm. Regardless of whether they’re used in a hospital ward or on a shop floor, they’re the castor that can give you just as much ground clearance as it can mobility.

The Final Word

Source: richmondau.com

At the end of the day, regardless of whether they’re installed on hospital emergency carts or bakery cooling trolleys, institutions and businesses of all sizes rely on the mobility that castors provide. Some activities require more specialized castors than others though, and when they do, they turn to Richmond.

High-quality Richmond castor wheels and rolling solutions, including their Elite, Excel, and Durolite lines, contain all the features that most activities need to keep themselves mobile. You’ll immediately notice the difference when you compare them with any other castor.

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