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Road and Pavement Construction: Essential Concrete Handling Equipment

Road and Pavement Construction

Road construction is a laborious process. It consists of a lot of planning, setting out, doing earthwork and paving. It wouldn’t be easy to handle or carry out in a certain matter of time without reliable machinery. Road construction machines make the whole process easier and ensure a smooth road and pavement so that vehicles and people can move on.

Concrete is one of the most common materials being handled and used for construction. So, my main focus in this article will be the different road construction machines and equipment that handle this specific material. Some of the basics include the following three. 

Concrete Kibbles

You can’t consider being fully equipped for road construction unless you also have concrete kibbles. They make the concrete transfer and manoeuvring on the site easy and effortless with an overhead forklift or crane.

Depending on the amount you’re going to be dealing with, you have kibbles of varying capacities. For instance, there are kibbles with 0.5 cubic metres, 1 metre, 1.5 metres, and 3 metres respectively. So, before buying, be sure to take this feature into account for safe handling. If you care to make the operation as flexible as can be, instead of messy, look for road construction machines and equipment of the sort that are suitable for bottom and side discharge with adjustable chutes.

high-quality road construction machines
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Although they’re lightweight, they’re still heavy duty so they can withstand the load and the job. And when it comes to safety, it’s advisable to buy those kibbles that are designed in accordance with the strict Australian standards. Some brands and models have undergone considerable improvements thanks to technological advancements, making the work simple, achievable and effective at the push of a button.

Today, it’s possible to operate kibbles with remote control hydraulic functions. If you’re going to be working with concrete moulds, which I’m going to cover further below, or other confined spaces like columns, then perhaps you also ought to include additional concrete equipment in the likes of useful accessories such as funnel trays and hoses for controlled pouring that leaves no spillages or results in accidents.

CPC Concrete Washout Bins

If I were to compare which of the two is more important, I would say this comparison doesn’t lead anywhere because both the kibbles and the washout bins are essential on the construction site. You need the first to transfer and apply the material, whereas the latter to maintain and clean the first.

To get the job done as you should, and prevent any waste or damage to the environment, you can’t do without construction equipment in the form of washout bins either. Meant for line cleaning and line concrete pumps, the bins have a heavy-duty construction and you won’t have to worry about injury by blowouts due to the waste intake pipes and air vents as part of the design.

The containment bins comply with the EPA and prevent pollution with the neat storage of cement waste. You also have disposable inset bags to safely dispose of any waste and forget about having to clean up afterwards any left-out spills and drips. Fitted with crane lugs and fork pockets, you have the certainty these bins are easily transported and handled around the worksite. Same as with the kibbles, choose them according to your capacity requirements as they’re available in a range of options, including spacious washout units.

important road construction machines
source: theconstructor.org

Concrete Moulds

If you don’t want to be wasting precious time on casting on-site moulds, then you’d have to seek the help from precast moulds. Since there are various applications where concrete is used, not strictly for roads and pavements, there are naturally various mould designs to choose from too and what’s universal for all of them is the fact they make the job effective and affordable because they assist with reducing the expense and waste of concrete.

Moreover, they are great for recycling leftover material making it a piece of cake to transport it. Same as other road construction machines and equipment plus accessories, like kibbles and washout bins and units, the moulds are highly useful and more than welcome at the site as they simplify the whole process. So, when doing the shopping, choose a design that suits your capacities and wanted results, and opt for a construction that’s simple to assemble.

If you plan on using the moulds for various applications, from heavy-duty to lightweight, then be sure the model you choose can be fitted with inserts like blocks. And last but not least don’t forget to consider the materials the moulds are made from. Some of the materials include plastic, polyurethane, timber, and of course the heavy-duty steel built to last you a long time. Depending on the work, as well as the weather conditions, you might prefer to go for the durable steel.

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