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Regular Women’s Socks Vs. Running Socks: What’s the Difference?

ByJessie Sanner

Jan 15, 2020
Running Socks

Owning a pair of quality socks can make a world of difference if you frequently jog. But what kind of socks to wear when running? Is there such a big difference between regular socks and running socks? Well, of course, there is. While your pair of regular cotton socks are great for everyday use, they just aren’t good enough for your exercise routine. For starters, they aren’t designed for running and performing other types of physical activities, which means they won’t provide your feet with the needed support for optimal performance and they will wear out faster.

If up until now you were satisfied with wearing your everyday cotton socks for running, we may convince you otherwise. So, what’s the difference between regular cotton socks and women’s socks for running? What factors you need to consider before buying? Let’s compare them and find out.

Are Your Socks Moisture-Wicking?

First, let’s explain what does it mean when we say a fabric is moisture wicking. When moisture, or sweat, comes in contact with a moisture wicking fabric, it is quickly moved to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate. Moisture wicking fabrics also dry out quickly. So, why is this feature so important for running socks? Well, for starters, running is a strenuous activity. It is normal to sweat while being physically active, it is your body’s way of regulating temperature. Obviously, while performing this type of physical activity, your body will start sweating and your feet are no exception. When sweat comes into contact with the bacteria and dirt on your skin it starts smelling bad and then this odour permeates your socks and shoes, leaving you and your shoes with an unpleasant smell. Not to mention that moist areas are a breeding ground for bacteria.

moisture wicking socks

And this is where moisture wicking socks come into play. They will keep your feet dry and odourless. So, when you are looking to buy women’s socks online, especially running socks, check the product’s description to see if the socks you’re looking at are moisture-wicking. If they aren’t labelled as such, you can just check whether they are made from a fabric that has these properties. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, are great for this purpose. There are also some natural fabrics, such as wool or bamboo that wick moisture. However, you should definitely stay away from cotton socks when running, as cotton is a moisture-absorbing fabric. Wool is the alternative, but obviously not a lot of people exercise with woolen socks, so you can look for Smartwool socks which offer the best of both worlds. Smartwool socks have all the benefits of wool – they are comfortable and moisture wicking, yet at the same time they aren’t itchy and can be machine washed.

Seams or No Seams?

Regular women’s socks usually have seams in the area under the toes. But what difference does it make if they have seams or not? Well, the seams can cause irritation and are unpleasant for most people. If the socks don’t fit you perfectly, then the constant friction can cause chaffing and irritate your skin. And if you can make your morning jog a bit more pleasant by wearing a pair of seamless socks, then why not?

compression socks

Why Wear Compression Socks for Running?

Compression socks are usually worn by people with swollen veins, but they are also recommended for joggers. So how do compression socks work? Well, they do exactly what their name suggests – they compress the area they cover, the muscles and the veins. This prevents swelling of the veins. The main benefit can be felt after a workout, as they reduce soreness and fatigue. Regular socks for women don’t offer this benefit, though they are good for everyday wear. However, if you are planning on breaking a sweat, you should consider investing in a pair of quality compression socks that can help reduce your recovery time.

No-Show or Ankle-Length Socks?

Should your socks be above your ankle or entirely hidden in your shoes? Does it even matter? It does, actually. If you are running, it is better if your socks are at least slightly above your ankles. The reason for this is that if your running shoes are in direct contact with your skin, the friction can irritate your skin. Always opt for a pair of comfortable women’s socks for running that will minimize your risk of blisters.

running socks

Of course, if you aren’t exercising, you can stealthily wear a pair of cute no-show women socks. We have to admit that they make outfits look trendier and more aesthetically pleasing. However, there are a lot of ankle length socks that are stylish and modern as well. And these visible socks naturally always make us wonder: Should the socks you’re wearing match your pants or shoes? We think both! Your socks, shoes and pants don’t all have to be of the same colour or pattern, however, they should match and all go together well.

By Jessie Sanner

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