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RC Hobby Racing: Team Associated or Traxxas Vehicles?

Team AssociatedSource: rccaraction.com

The need for speed as much as control over the vehicle, its looks, its technicalities, and its performance has led to the craze people have had for RC cars for quite some time now. The beauty of this kind of hobby is you can be of any age and still enjoy it to the fullest as a kid would, and get to reap the benefits it can provide beyond the driving and racing.

From the chance to work on your speeding and assembling skills to the opportunity to meet up with like-minded people who share the same interests – it’s all part of the charm of the RC world. When you first decide to make it part of your life by investing in the adequate vehicle for your level of skill as much as your wallet, you’re going to come across some renowned names in the RC industry.

What is the best brand for RC cars? Well, there are two top manufacturers that truly stand out in the racing circuit, which are Associated Electrics and Traxxas, so we might as well say they’ve become leaders thanks to the high-quality designs and builds that meet the needs of RC enthusiasts of all sorts. But which of the two to choose, if they both stand out with what they offer? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post.


team associated RC car
Source: associatedrcparts.com

Better known as Team Associated in general, and Factory Team for the specialised parts and accessories, this brand has been a performance leader since day one and sticks out with making vehicles that are the best of the best with precision engineering particularly in the steering which is what attracts competition-level pros primarily to their designs.

This precision advantage comes at a cost, of course, as opposed to the cheaper models of Traxxas so keep this in mind when investing. If you’re serious about the hobby, then you can have peace of mind this brand’s products are well worth the investment.

Associated came to be out of California but nowadays belongs to the Thunder Tiger Corporation from Taiwan. This hasn’t in any way affected their long-lasting quality. With more than five decades of experience in the field, especially the racing sector, they keep on amazing both novice hobbyists and pro riders alike with the top-tier products that have been tried and tested.

From RTR vehicles to kits you can assemble, plus the suitable replacement parts you can buy, there are adequate Team Associated vehicles for every taste, speed preference, and budget. Whether it’s electro motors or nitro engines, on or off-road vehicles, this brand has it all – and the best of it all is they come in a range of sizes as well.

Whichever model you go for, could be the iconic RC10 or the B6.2D, what you’re getting is incredible weight distribution and utmost stability which is especially handy and important on the race tracks. Exceptional handling is part of the deal too and it allows you full control over the performance outcome.

Besides their signature traction, the design of the chassis with its balance is also worthy of praise. What further amazes are Team Associated’s efforts for continuous improvement even with all these advantages that their vehicles already offer, it’s not only due to the dedication to implementing advanced technologies. They go to such great lengths, in fact, that they care for the opinion of the racing community and highly value the feedback.


Traxxas RC car
Source: starautosrl.com

Although the Associated RC cars are known for their suitability for bashing as much as racing, it’s the Traxxas alternative that is the synonym for durability. Everything is robust, from the chassis to the suspension system, so you can count on components that are able to stand whatever you throw at them, be it a rough terrain with lots of bumps ahead, or a high speed.

All this without the slightest compromise on your performance. They also cater to the varying needs of RC enthusiasts and hobbyists, so you’ve got a whole range of vehicles to choose from, including monster trucks, off-road trucks, and boats. Don’t like what you buy out of the box, and want to make it your own with some alterations that show the vehicle is uniquely yours with certain customisations?

Traxxas provides parts and accessories too so you can upgrade or enhance the vehicle as you see fit. Unlike the ingenious competition-level vehicles of the counterpart, this brand is known for the models that cater to the needs of all kinds of RC hobbyists, from those who prefer to do some backyard bashing, to those who are after the competition thrill.

This may be one thing this brand is considered for a broader clientele, as well as the fact their spare parts are more easily traceable. We might conclude both options come with their own advantages and it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend based on what you intend to do with your hobby.

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