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Rack Pallet Systems or Expansion – Which Is a Better Way To Maximize Warehouse Space

ByAnthony Hendriks

Mar 13, 2015
Rack Pallet Systems or Expansion

Most businesses have a problem with poorly utilized warehouse space. The main reason is usually poor organization. Normally, a warehouse runs out of space due to having too many products at once. That especially happens during seasonal peaks, large discount buying or manufacturing shutdowns. Even in slow sales periods, warehouses are crowded with boxes that need to be stored properly.

Warehouse organization has a lot to do with shipping customer orders within certain time range. If products are not properly stored and organized, then you won’t be able to ship orders in time. This means you will lose customers’ trust and face significant revenue loses. For that matter, finding the right storage solution is a must.

Organizing a warehouse is not about being clutter-free. It has a lot to do with the success of your business. With the right storage solution systems, you will improve inventory management, increase labour productivity and avoid warehouse accidents. And what a better way to maximize warehouse space than by using the right rack pallet systems.


Rack pallets are known to be one of the best space-saving solutions for warehouses. Mostly because they are easy to install and adjust according to business needs. If you are looking for a cost-efficient storage solutions, then rack pallet storage systems is the right choice. However, to keep things running smoothly in your warehouse, choose the right rack pallet storage systems. For example, heavy duty storage racks are designed to hold and endure heavy loads. Thus, it pays off to invest in rack pallet systems rather than expand a warehouse.

Warehouse expansions will cost you a lot more. Yes, it will give you the space you need to improve warehouse efficiency, but it will affect your budget. You won’t be able to organize your warehouse if you have many products and boxes. Stacking one box over another doesn’t solve the space problem, it just increases the risk of possible accidents. If your business is rapidly growing, you will eventually face a storage space problem. One way to solve this issue is to either do a time-consuming and costly warehouse expansion or get a cost-effective storage solution – rack pallet systems.

Warehouse expansion requires time and money. If you are tight on both, then it would be a better solution to install storage racks. Pallet racks provide easy accessibility to all products. You will be bound to expand your warehouse only if your business continues to grow and pallet racks are no longer capable of sustaining all the products you have in your warehouse. After all, you need a space between the racks to ensure easy maneuvering of lift trucks and forklifts. However, expansions option should be last on your list. Only in cases when rack pallet systems can no longer help organize and store your entire inventory, should you consider expansion. Otherwise, install rack pallet storage system.

By Anthony Hendriks

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