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Protein Supplements or Energy Drinks: The Source of More Energy for a Workout

Having the convenience of using technology and staying in touch with world news is surely one of modern life’s pleasures, but not so much when we get to see the beautiful and slim bodies of celebrities. Though it may seem like they’re always a step ahead of us, the secret to success lies in implementing a well balanced diet along with the necessary workout regime. As Erki Nool, an Estonian decathlete and politician, once said “Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on.”, all it takes is getting started and giving up on giving up. Of course, as soon as we start working out, we come to the realisation we often lack in energy to perform certain exercises and the stamina we thought we had to carry on with our set workout plan.

The solution for some lies in supplements, protein supplements to be exact, while others resort to the fast energy drinks variant. Yet, how do we know which of the two is actually better? As it’s said, a little learning goes a long way, so it doesn’t hurt getting to know something more about the two options. Proteins are part of the nutrients required for optimal function of our body, yet we don’t always get enough through food alone and that’s where supplements come in handy. Quality protein supplements can be found in the form of powder, bars and snacks, and can be consumed before, during and after a workout. The best effects are manifested particularly when consumed right after a workout because it’s then when the body is in need of instant nutrition to help with the muscle growth and recovery, something proteins are successful in, including reducing the pain after an intense workout.

When consumed before, though many would argue protein doesn’t give as much energy as carbs do, in fact what happens is the molecules of protein are split to amino-acids in the intestinal tract and as such they get into the blood stream and all the way to the liver for oxidative deamination where nitrogen is removed and they are split into urea and glucose. Glucose can then be used as energy. Energy drinks on the other hand spark out confusion at first because they form a rather vast category and not much is really known about them. Their name might be appealing enough but what exactly do we know about them? While some of them consist of ergogenic acids that are recommended for athletes because they improve performance, others just contain caffeine or are packed with sugar. Surely occasionally resorting to energy drinks can seem energising but regular intake has shown to affect mental health badly, including be a cause for cardiovascular issues instead of endurance.

Bottom line is, always make sure you read well through the ingredients and get to know a bit more about what you’re planning on taking, as well as keeping to the recommended dose if you opt for protein.

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