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Pram vs. Pushchair: Which Accessories Go with Both?

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A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier. If your due date is coming soon, you are probably getting organised and buying all the necessities for your newborn. From baby clothes, diapers and bedding, to play mats for playing and learning, pram or pushchair and pram accessories, the baby checklist might be longer than you thought.

Choosing a high-quality and practical travel system is essential so you and your baby can safely go out and about. The struggle for new mums is real: trying to juggle the pushchair, a changing bag, a bottle of milk for your baby, a cup of coffee for you, your phone, your keys and your life. Different baby stroller accessories are designed to make new mums’ lives easier by offering better organisation and comfort for the baby.

But before you dig in in the vast world of pram accessories, you need to decide whether you need a pram or a pushchair for your baby. Although some people are under the impression that these are just different terms for the same thing, technically, they have some differences.

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Discover the Difference Between a Pram and Pushchair

Prams are generally designed for newborns or younger babies up to around six months old. They are usually parent-facing, enabling you to look at your baby as you walk. It’s perfect for pulling faces, smiling and chatting to your newborn as they familiarise themselves with the big, wide world. Prams are built for your baby to lie completely flat, so they can’t be folded and are not so flexible as other travel systems. Since newborns need to lie flat to help their growth and development, prams might be an excellent choice. Usually, prams feature a heavy and sturdy structure. Since they can’t be folded, they take up a lot of space, so you need to consider this when buying.

A pushchair or a stroller is a travel system designed for newborns and older babies or toddlers. Many pushchairs are adaptable and can accommodate both newborns and older infants. They are usually more versatile than prams because you can find both forward-facing and rear-facing designs. Strollers can often be folded up, which can be very useful if you’re short in space. Another great advantage of pushchairs is that they can change position. They feature a fully reclining seat that can be adjusted for toddlers or newborns. Your baby can lie flat or sit slightly, enjoying the outside world.

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Keep All Your Essentials Together in a Stroller Organiser

Whether you opt for a pram or a stroller, you need something that allows you to be hands-free and can keep your essentials within reach. A pram organiser is one of the most useful pram accessories you can buy. A good pram organiser can keep your wipes, keys, wallet, dummy and maybe a toy right next to you when you need them quickly. Stroller organisers are spacious enough to hold your baby’s bottle, and ideally, a cup of coffee for you.

These stroller accessories come in two main designs: an open design and a zipped design. Open organisers keep everything right there, easily reachable when on the go. Many fashionable models are made from soft waterproof material, designed with removable dividers that allow you to sort your essentials in one, two or three sections. Make sure the model you choose also features back zip pockets that can keep your valuables secure. Some organisers even include a long detachable strap to convert the organiser to a handy shoulder bag. Roomy, practical and stylish, this stroller accessory is a must-have item for new mums.

Zipped organisers might keep things safer and prevent everything from falling out when you pop them in the car after your walk. Zipped organisers made from vegan leather can be both practical and stylish storage solutions. Besides offering storage for your baby essentials, some models also feature insulated side pockets to keep your bottle of water cold and coffee warm. Available in a plethora of colours and styles, your pram organiser might be the perfect solution for packing all you need while enjoying a walk at the park.

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Let Your Baby Travel in Comfort with a Pram Liner

Choosing the best kids mattress is essential when choosing a bed for your little one and pram liners are an important accessory for your stroller. A pram liner will protect your pram from spills and dirt, prolonging its life. It also provides added comfort for your kid. These practical accessories for strollers come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Universal fits are also available and can be used in most prams and strollers.

Make sure to opt for a slimline design that will allow your pram or stroller to be folded without having to remove your pram liner. Pram liners made of wool can be an ideal choice since they offer extra comfort and insulation. Wool is ideal for year-round use as it can keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Some liners are made from soft and cozy fleece and feature a built-in head roll. Your little one will love taking pram naps with all that comfort added.

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