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Pool Lounging: Sun Lounges vs Bean Bags

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Who doesn’t like to hang out by the pool in a comfortable lounge, enjoying the sun and having a refreshing drink? Or sitting by the pool on a soft, amazing bean bag, playing games with your friends and having fun?

Choosing a sitting arrangement for the pool can be tricky. It all depends on the materials, structure, comfort, durability and price. Each piece of furniture has its pros and cons and so do sun lounges and bean bags.

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Why Choose Sun Lounges?

teak sun lounges
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With a lot of sunny days, Australia is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy by a pool. Outdoor lounging is something we all enjoy and try to do as often as we can. Getting that vitamin D is of great help for our skin and bones. But it’s important how you do it as well. Having a comfortable place to lie down can make the experience even better.

One of the best ways to do this is to buy sophisticated, high-quality sun lounges for you and your family. This cosy sun bed can change the way you enjoy the sun and how you spend your free time. When it comes to structuring, you can choose between fixed or folded depending on the space you have available. If space is not an issue, a fixed one is a great choice.

They have a sturdier structure, compared to the ones that have several joints and folding places. They’re also larger and have more space. This way you’ll be more comfortable and can switch to multiple laying positions. But their size is also their disadvantage. They’re heavy and bulky and if you want to move them around, you’ll need some help.

You should also consider the materials they’re made of because not every material is made for outdoor usage, especially when it comes to being close to water. If you want to go with wood, make sure it’s sturdy, durable and resistant to sun rays and moisture. The best choice would be teak. Because of its tropical origin, it works well with extreme weather conditions.

It’s also soft to the touch but durable at the same time. Acacia wood is a good alternative as well. It’s fungi and dirt-resistant and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Both kinds of wood need polishing or oiling once a year and they’ll last for a very long time. Natural fibres such as rattan, bamboo and wicker are also popular. They have a good level of humidity and sun resistance and are very versatile.

This allows you to combine them in any outdoor setting no matter the style or theme. They can work in a rustic, contemporary, exotic and even rural settings. The only setback is their tendency to accumulate dust and particles because of their braided structure. This makes them harder to clean and maintain.

And finally, synthetic fibres can look like any other natural material you can imagine. They’re very simple to clean and have a high level of performance. They can withstand many different weather conditions, and you won’t have to worry about rotting or insects. They come in many different designs, styles and colours to match any outdoor setting.

Many of these lounges have additional features to make your time off much more comfortable and relaxing. Some of them have cup holders so your drink can always be within reach. Some have additional padding for a cosy feeling. Manufacturers even make ergonomic lounges that won’t hurt your neck or back. Many foldable ones even have a sunshade to protect your face. Wheels are always a good idea. Just make sure there are breaks installed on them.

What About Bean Bags?

outdoor bean bags
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If you don’t like the idea of having sun lounges, you can always go for bean bags. They have an interesting design and are very fun to use. Most people know they can be used inside the house, but they can stay outdoors as well. These bags can be a great sitting area by the pool if you combine them with a nice coffee table and a good shade.

Manufacturers created a wide variety of bean bags and some of them can even go into the water no matter if it’s a pool or salt water. The floating types can have a double function. You can use them by the pool and inside it. They naturally float and the filling inside is completely waterproof. But keep in mind that the chlorine inside the water can cause some damage to the material and fade the colour.

Make sure you remove them from the water when you’re not using them so they can dry out. When it comes to colours, you can follow one simple rule. Avoid dark colours because they hold heat a lot more than light colours. If you don’t have any coverings by the pool, it’s best to buy a lighter colour bean bag. Stay away from black, brown, or dark blue. Instead, go for white, cream, yellow, light blue or green.

If you can, always choose bags that have UV resistance. This way the colours won’t fade away after one year. There are special stabilisers added to the material to make this possible. Their job is to absorb the UV and dissolve it. These outdoor bags don’t need special products to keep them clean. A bit of preventive maintenance and a light cleaning from time to time will make them last for years.

Another way to protect them from damage is to store them away when not in use. They come in many different sizes. If you can invest more money, you can buy several bags in a few sizes. So, if you have kids, they’ll also have a comfy place to chill. Some of them even come with a warranty, which is almost always a sign of good quality.

The Final Verdict?

white sun lounger
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As we can see, both outdoor sun lounges and outdoor bean bags, have their pros and cons. Deciding which one you’ll get depends on the space you have available, your budget and personal preferences.

If you want a sturdier surface and something that will look more sophisticated and contemporary, you can choose the lounges. But if you want something more comfortable, versatile and colourful, you can go with the bean bags. Check your budget, evaluate the space and consider the things you like, and you’ll make the right choice.

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