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Paper Supplies: Puncher Tools Compared

Paper Supplies: Puncher Tools Compared

The world may be more digitalised than ever before, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to give up our old means and habits just yet. Take paper as an example – it may be an already obsolete medium for writing from a modern point of view, and yet we still rely on it on an almost daily basis at home and at work, whether it’s leaving notes, jotting down some information, or doodling when distracted.

This means paper tools and supplies are equally important too. The varieties of paper punching tool make it to the cut. Designed to cut precise holes in sheets of paper, this kind of tool is perfect for organising your crucial paperwork in a binder or layouts needing eyelets, as well as for making tags, decorating the paper with neat detailing for drawing around or for scrapbooking.

And if your life calls for some celebration, you get free confetti as a result. What’s not to love about that!? Depending on the paper you’re working with, the number of holes you mostly need, and the design, you can choose from:

1. Single-Hole Puncher

This is the traditional paper clipping tool that’s designed to create precise holes, and even if you can’t fit a whole bunch of sheets in between, you can still successfully punch at least five or six of them together. The end result is a diameter of 0.25 inches suitable for use with most files and binders, though there are punchers that make smaller or bigger holes too.

Single-Hole Puncher
Source: pinterest.com

This paper tool is equally perfect in the office as it is at home with arts and crafts, but given that it’s a hand-held tool, you need to focus on getting something ergonomic for the most ease of use and seamless punch outcome. In addition to the traditional metal design, you can nowadays also find models of this tool with extended levers for ergonomic grip that requires less force and effort and doesn’t add to wrist soreness.

If you’re after more versatility, a heavy-duty paper punching tool can be just as great with tougher materials like cardstock, chipboard, foam, and even leather and lightweight metals. Tool after tool, it’s easy to get a messy desk so to prevent clutter and make for neat organisation, it’s best to get a model like that of EK Success with its locking mechanism to keep both the handles together.

2.2-3 Hole Puncher

This is a more versatile tool, and there are two options: holes of different sizes, and 2-3 holes at the same time. Whichever option is fit better for your needs, you can be certain it’s really worth the investment as you get two tools in the same design. Available in compact and sleek models, they’re easy to carry around in a bag, or even a pocket, and you can find them as regular and heavy-duty. The latter is the perfect choice if you want to cut through more sheets of paper at once, ideal in a busy office, or a school project for the kids.

3.All in One

A hole paper punch that’s fit for eyelets and snap setting all at once? Yes, you get all of this in one ergonomic design from We R Memory Keepers. Not only can it benefit you if you’re after a multi-tool that can cut holes of different sizes, but also if you work with a variety of materials. For example, did you know it can be used with ease with numerous materials, from leather, plastic, acrylic, and fabric, to wood, poly and metal besides multiple paper layers? It’s a must-have for any scrapbook lover, as well as arts and crafts enthusiasts, and busy bees at the office.

4.Corner Cutter

If you want to make things a little more interesting with the paper design itself, why not make use of this additional tool? It’s a fun way to add some interest to the paperwork, make it your own, or personalise photos for the scrapbook. To count on a good investment, look for a craft punch tool that offers different corner size cutting options, as well as different corners.

Corner Cutter
Source: instagram.com

Besides a foldable design with corners that make for a portable and compact tool, and soft handles for comfort and ease of use, what also comes in handy is versatility with the medium you want to cut. Why cut only through paper, when you can also add corners to plastic as much as leather?

5.Border Edge Puncher

This is yet another cool tool to boost your crafting arsenal with, especially if you work with arts and crafts and make a living out of it. It can be used to create fun paper samples, cards, photos, bookmarks and gift tags with special edges. From delicate lace detailing to specific shapes like butterflies, the crafting possibilities are endless. It may not be the ideal pick for the office, but at home, it can be quite the tool for a creative spark.

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