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Different Olight Flashlights Compared

Olight Flashlights

While we’ve always considered ourselves superior to animals, there are things we have to give them credit for, excellent nighttime vision being one of them. Certain species, like nocturnal birds, and carnivorous hunters, have developed the perfect sight even when sun is out, which can make us humans full of envy.

I know it makes me envious, especially when having hobbies that sometimes mean staying out even after dark, like cycling, camping, and hiking, when I could do well with the sight of an owl.

Lucky for us, we can rely on tools and technology where nature hasn’t awarded us with something of superiority, so what I can’t make up for with my eyes, I can with the help of flashlights. When it comes to flashlights for sale, the options are vast, and I sure had my share of plenty, but if you want to buy something that’s valuable and durable, go for Olight flashlights.


If you’re thinking why Olight exactly it’s because they have focused on continuously improving their designs in terms of weight, size, brightness, and ergonomics, along with the addition of useful features, without letting all the upgrades lead to considerable changes with the prices. Thus, when you look for flashlights for sale, you can be sure Olight would have just the right product, to join you on your activities and hobbies.

Since I can’t exactly single out any particular as my favourite (I have several of them), I’m going to compare some so you’d get hooked on them as much as I did, starting from the small but mighty Olight SR52 UT, also known as Intimidator.

Don’t let the small body fool you, as it makes up for it in power. While weighing only 405g, it’s got a maximum output of 1100 lumens, created to reach the incredible distance of 800m which is why it’s part of the long throw flashlights.

Its power also comes from the quality focus system, as well as the anti-reflective ultra clear glass lens. Some of its useful features are the three different settings (running for 40 hours straight on lowest setting), strobe mode, as well as built-in USB port to charge the 18650 lithium ion batteries.

Another one of the small but mighty, the Olight M3X is the flashlight ideal for tactical operation as much as for general outdoor use. Apart from the maximum output of 1200 lumens, and beam distance coverage of 1000m, you’d also be satisfied with its aluminium aircraft-grade body, in hard-anodised finish, as it makes for extended durability, shock and water resistance. Oh, and it also has three brightness levels.

If you’re up for something really compact, go for the Olight M10 Maverick. While being easy to store just about in any pocket, or bag, it comes with a maximum beam distance of 107m, and 350 lumens output. It’s packed up with useful features like the focused beam deep reflector, three modes output, and a pocket clip.

If, however, you’re up for keeping your hands free, opt for a headlight like the Olight H2R Nova. With up to 2300 lumens output, LED available in two colours (cool, and neutral white), aluminium body, TIR optic bead lens for evenly dispersed beam, low battery warning, six brightness outputs, one of which S.O.S. it makes for an ideal light source when you’re out enjoying your hobbies.

By Jessie Sanner

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