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Mounting vs Freestanding: How to Choose the Best Letterbox for Your Home


The perfect letterbox may significantly enhance the appeal of your property as a finishing touch. While something that seems cheap or unattractive will detract from the charm of your property, something beautiful and elegant can enhance your home.

A visitor’s first impression of your home will include the letterbox. Choosing the appropriate one is therefore worth giving considerable thought to. There is a wide range of possibilities, including contemporary freestanding or conventional post-mounted units, bricked-in boxes, wall or parcel letterbox fence mounted solutions and more.

Where the letterbox will be installed should be the first consideration while selecting one. Are you mounting it into brickwork or a fence? Or do you want a mailbox that stands alone? This will enable you to filter down your alternatives more effectively once you know where your letterbox will go.

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Fence Mount and Brick-In Letterboxes

Fence mount letterboxes can be installed on the majority of fence styles that exist. There is a solution for your fence needs, whether steel, steel, brick, or block. Picket fence mount letterboxes come in various designs, colours, finishes, and functions.

They are available as brick-in letterboxes as well as convenient parcel letterbox fence mount for timber fences which would let you receive your packages securely right to your door. If you have a brick or block wall and would like to install your letterbox into your brickwork, look for a specifically designed range brick-in letterboxes to suit standard brick sizing.

Stainless steel and powder-coated letterboxes are the two most popular materials. Letterboxes could include a detachable front panel for installation inside a picket fence and an inventive mounting system that hides all screws to maintain that contemporary appearance. In any case, the installation should be pretty straightforward and the model you buy should come with instructions of the step-by-step mounting process.

Freestanding Letterboxes

In particular, free-standing mailboxes are still highly popular in homes with large gardens or long driveways. Additionally, freestanding letterboxes are available in a variety of designs and hues to match every type of home and mail capacity. For smaller volumes of mail, choose from our letterbox and post range, timber panel range, or selection of parcel boxes, which can hold A4 mail, satchels, and medium-sized packages. The most practical mail delivery choices are now available to you with free-standing letterboxes that also keep your mail safe until you arrive home.

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Letterbox Material

The composition of your mailbox can also change depending on the style of your home. You should use materials that can survive various weather conditions if the letterbox will be exposed to the elements, such as kerbside letterboxes. Stainless steel can be used to create it for the best protection and durability.

Mailboxes can also be constructed from wood, brass, or copper. However, they can require some care on your part. To make wood more durable and weather-resistant, it can be manufactured in conjunction with galvanised steel and powder coated. The use of aluminium, rust-resistant materials, or marine-grade materials is advised for residents of coastal areas.


Test how tough it would be to reach through the identical opening in the cardboard and maybe take your letters from inside by using it. It serves no use to have a wall-mounted letterbox with a large letter slot only to discover that your bank statements are accessible to everybody. Ask about the brand of the lock being used—again, is it a “no name” device or a lock made in accordance with specific security guidelines for the sector? If you are unsure, you can always enquire with your local locksmith.

You might want to consider a parcel letterbox fence with a lock if you expect to receive critical mail. You can rely on increased safety and privacy for your house when used in conjunction with a CCTV security camera system.

It takes time to find your perfect letterbox. Even though you may believe it is only a letterbox, you are actually purchasing a device that ought to keep even the most vital mails secure for a good several years. Any supplier of high-quality letterboxes will either exhibit the above-mentioned information or be more than happy to respond to your inquiries.

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Size and Capacity

Last but not least, determining which model best meets your letterbox demands will require selecting the appropriate size & capabilities. Do you shop online and receive a good amount of packages, or does having a large family imply that you receive more mail more frequently?

In that case, you might wish to consider using a package receiving letterbox. Your mail will be kept safe & sound with these thief-proof letterboxes, which can handle A4 mail & medium size parcels. If you don’t need such a big mailbox, one of the more basic boxes & post letterboxes would be a better choice.

The extensive selection of fence mount letterboxes runs from a slimline, smaller type, some with built-in paper holders, up to holding some small parcels and A4 letters if you want to instal them into a fence or brickwork.

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