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Modern Self Watering Planters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Modern Self Watering Planters

Beth Ditto once said, “A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house”. But how do you keep your plants healthy and thriving with our busy schedules, trips and fast paced lifestyle? Thanks to the latest improvements in urban gardening, growing beautiful plants can be very easy with the help of modern self watering planters. 

So, what are self watering planters? These units are self-contained raised beds featuring built-in reservoirs, which supply water to plant roots. There is a rich variety of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables you can plant without worrying too much about the ideal environment since these pots can fit in any kind of indoor and outdoor space.

And if you are still wondering how this awesome innovation of planters can benefit your household, take a look at the following perks.

Advantages of Modern Self Watering Planters

Nutrients Retention

modern self watering planter
source: thegrommet.com

The traditional approach of adding organic matter to the plant from time to time to keep it alive and healthy is dead and gone. Modern planters come with a closed system that allows nutrients to stay in the soil thus keeping a healthy nutrient level that will enable the plant to thrive. 

Water Conservation

What makes self watering pots environmentally friendly is their system of using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water waste. The reservoir keeps the water protected and slowly releases in the soil the needed amount.

Root Growth Stimulation

Those who have experience in gardening are well aware of the fact that the root is a vital part of the plant. Shallow watering can lead to shallow roots, and inappropriate root support will leave the plant with yellow leafs and without the desired vitality. When you buy modern self watering planters, you won’t have to worry about root growth as the planter automatically waters the plants deep while also stimulating the root to grow.

Delicate and Exotic Species Protection

Many of us have dreamed of growing some exotic plants in our home but the lack of time to properly take care of the plant has made this impossible. With self watering planters, you can easily plant your favourite plant and rest assured it will be well taken care of. These planters protect and provide the plants with a regular and appropriate amount of water directly to the soil. You can have Plumeria like in Hawaii, or Amaryllis like in South Africa.

Space Friendly

Self watering planters can beautify and fit in any part of your home. From large condos and cosy bedrooms to the tiniest spaces on the terrace and even in the bathroom. They come in different colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from so you can spruce up your dull walls or jazz up that empty corner in your living room.

Grow Free of Toxins Products 

The process of growing herbs and veggies free of pesticides at home is now much easier and very possible with the help of self watering planters. These units are safe and environmentally friendly – made of injection-moulded HDPE that’s free of BPA, is recyclable and most importantly food safe.


time-saving modern self watering planter
source: kavehome.com

Watering your plants regularly can be exhausting and time-consuming. Especially if you’re constantly on the go and have a very busy lifestyle. Wondering how can I water my house plants while on vacation? With these innovative self-watering pots, you can rest assured your plants are well taken care of, even when you’re not home for days. 

Disadvantages of Modern Self Watering Planters

Although the advantages of self watering plant pots far outweigh the disadvantages, there are still some things to keep in mind when deciding whether you should buy these pieces for your home.

Not All Plants Thrive In Self Watering Pots

Unfortunately, there are some species that do not thrive in self watering planters. For instance, succulents and cacti need to dry out between watering sessions, and planting them in this kind of planter will probably do them more damage than good.

Grounds for Mosquitos Breeding

Modern self-watering planters make essential usage of their drainage holes. Mosquitos like them too, since they can perfectly accommodate their breeding nests there. Soggy conditions can be ideal for pesky mosquitoes to lay their eggs and multiply. One solution to the problem is to flush their water after every few days. You can also plug the planter’s holes using a pot scrubber to prevent the insects from flying in while still letting water flow out.

Expert Tips for Using Self Watering Planters

modern self watering planter
source: averagepersongardening.com
  • Reduce evaporation in large planters by covering the soil top with mulch;
  • To encourage the proper growth of your plants, always use soil that is light, crispy, and well-drained.
  • Never leave self-watering containers out after a heavy frost. Otherwise, the water pot in the base may freeze and expand, which might result in breaking the chamber;
  • If you must keep your plants outside during winter, make sure to first drain the base completely;
  • Keep in mind what you will grow when choosing the planter’s size;
  • Flowers, vegetables, and herbs have unique nutritional requirements, so use the recommended dry granular fertilizer for the crop you are growing.

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