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Modern Occasional Chairs or Ottomans: Dress Up Your Space

occasional chair

When a woman who loves furniture and changing the interior design is home alone for an entire weekend, the look on her husband’s face when he sees the living room on Sunday evening could be definitely priceless. While a lot of women have an uncontrollable passion for clothes and accessories, I have a passion for furniture elements. I believe one should feel most comfortable in their own home in every sense: style, ambiance, smell, lighting, comfort and everything in between. That is exactly why, I spent the entire weekend browsing through the large offer of modern occasional chairs and ottomans to dress up the living room and coffee corner in my home.

Now, I do want to use both an occasional chair and an ottoman in my living room, but the overall design simply doesn’t allow it. So, I decided to do a small comparative analysis on the matter: which one will do more for my vision for the perfect living room?

A colour splash provided by an occasional chair

Think of a perfectly lightened room in neutral colours, like beige, white, black. The basic and largest colour elements would be in these colours, like the walls, the sofa and the rugs. And while good lighting can really take the best out of this combination, when you look at it, it’s kind of a dull scenery. There’s no colourful focal point, nothing to grab your attention which is undermining the entire beauty of the separate furniture pieces.

In this case, modern occasional chairs in contrast colour to the overall colour pattern of the furniture would do an amazing addition to a room like this; it would instantly give focus to the one-coloured wideness. Plus, an occasional chair can be decorated with pillows and blankets in different colours. I bought a red occasional chair for my coffee corner in the living room which added up perfectly to my morning coffee pleasures along with the natural light and the overall white ambiance.

Modern Occasional Chairs

The comfort of stylish ottomans

I was in a huge dilemma whether to go with ottomans. They’re small, comfortable and very versatile in their purpose: you can use them either for sitting, as coffee tables or simply to add a modern element to your room design. And while a modern, carefully picked coloured ottoman can also do wonders to your room design, whether you’ll get it really depends on your needs. If you want to use if for relaxing with a cup of coffee it probably won’t be the best idea, since drinking coffee in that sitting position isn’t exactly heavenly comfortable. But if you want something to serve as a table on which you’ll place a large candle tray with as much aromatic candles as possible, then this is the perfect stylish choice.

Modern Occasional Chairs 2

By Jessie Sanner

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