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Mobile vs Static Tool Storage Solutions: The Most Popular Storage Solutions for Professionals

Tool Storage

Organising your workspace to clear up clutter can go a long way in improving your productivity and ensuring your tools stay in proper working condition for as long as possible. There are many different storage options, including chests, cabinets, wall shelving, toolboxes and pegboards, all of which provide a place for you to store your tools, and have easier access to them while working. But which type of storage solution is best for you?

Cabinets and Chests

cabinets and chests
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If you have a wide assortment of tools, cabinets and chests can provide the most amount of space. They’re constructed of durable materials, and feature a compact footprint without taking up much room in your garage or workspace. Cabinets and chests are available with a range of drawer and tray configurations to provide storage for bulky power tools and smaller accessories, keeping everything safe and out of sight. Here are a few essential factors to consider when choosing cabinets and chests.

  • Draw depth and extendability
  • Shallow drawers if storing smaller tools and accessories
  • Lined or padded drawers to keep tools from bouncing around
  • Caster wheels for mobility that are lockable to provide stability
  • Lockable drawers to keep tools secure
  • Larger cabinets and chests to serve as a work surface

Toolboxes and Tool Bags

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Toolboxes and tool bags are the ideal portable tool storage solutions. They each provide specific features and benefits. A Milwaukee packout box, for instance, will allow you to tote your tools around in sturdy and easily portable containers, safeguarding your tools from the elements. You’ll find a Milwaukee packout box made of either steel or plastic, with steel being the more durable and heavier option, whereas plastic is the more affordable and lightweight option. Both types will come with drawers, cantilever trays and removable bins so you can get easy access to your tools. Some models come with wheels and extended handles so you can haul along your heavier tools. Lastly, some models feature lockable lids for extra security.

Hanging Wall Storage Solutions

Wall storage solutions are a great choice for garages and workspaces where you want to make use of all your available vertical wall space. This type of storage keeps tools within reach, making it convenient for those who use a range of tools often. The most common wall storage solutions are pegboards, shelves and wall hooks and hangers.


Pegboards are available with several pre-drilled holes, allowing you to make your own tool storage arrangement using a combination of hangers, hooks, organizers and holders. Plus, you can rearrange things as your collection gets bigger. Pegboard setups are strong enough to support the majority of hand tools and accessories.

Hooks and Hangars

Other simple wall storage solutions for tools are hooks and hangars. All you have to do is secure them to wall studs or ceiling rafters. Hooks and hangers are commonly used for storing bulky and heavy power tools, shovels, ladders and other gardening tools.

Other Storage Solutions

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The aforementioned storage solutions are some of the most popular. However, there are a few more commonly used storage solutions for tools. While they aren’t conventionally used in professional settings, homeowners who don’t want to overspend on another solution may see them as appropriate.

Boxes and Bins

Boxes and bins are a great choice for long-term tool storage. If you only use your tools for occasional home improvement or automotive repairs, you don’t need more than a few boxes and bins. The boxes fit snuggly neat side by side, and you can stack plastic bins on top of one another. To find your tools effortlessly, you can label the boxes and bins.

DIY Shelving

If boxes and bins are an appealing solution, consider putting together your storage unit to store them in as well. Making your own shelving is quite simple, and you have complete freedom over how big and where you want to make the shelving. All you’ll need is a couple of wood beams and some basic woodworking tools and materials.

The Final Word

Having a well-organised garage or workplace can go a long way in ensuring your time spent working on projects is as efficient as possible. Knowing where the tools you need are, and being able to store them without worrying about them getting lost or damaged can go a long way in giving you peace of mind. There are many different types of storage solutions, so no matter what your limitations are, you’ll still be able to find one that suits your needs.

You can make tool storage solutions yourself, or shop for them online. Most tool manufacturers feature a range of toolboxes, bags, chests and cabinets that are made to house a range of tools. Shopping from reputable brands like Milwaukee means that you’re shopping for quality. Their storage solutions are backed by a lengthy warranty, and they’re tailor-made for professionals and occasional users alike.

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