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Mobile Crushing Plant Vs. Crawler Mobile Crusher

The crushing machine, as the name suggests, is described as specific piece of equipment that is used for crushing different kinds of objects and materials. In general, the crushing machines are used with a purpose to reduce the size or to change the shape of the materials so that they can be reused again. There are different crushing machines on the market, and every machine comes with unique configuration and specifications. Different crushing machines are used for crushing different types of materials. The focus in this text will be on the mobile crushing plant and the crawler mobile crusher. Although used for the same purpose, the mobile crushing plant and the crawler mobile crusher are two different machines and work in different way.

Mobile Crushing Plant. The mobile crushing plant is also known as mobile rock crusher, a portable crusher, mobile stone crusher, or simply a mobile crusher. It is described as big screening and crushing equipment that performs crushing, feeding, conveying and screening tasks. The design of the mobile crushing plant can be adapted to meet and to satisfy different crushing requirements. This means that the mobile crushing plant can be configured and designed specifically depending on the customer needs. This option greatly reduce the operation costs. The mobile crushing plant is equipped with the most powerful screening and crushing machines, making it capable to perform various crushing tasks in difficult and demanding working environments. Usually, the mobile crushing plant is consisted of jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, cone crusher, impact crusher, belt conveyor, sand making machine, vibrating screen and other small parts. The customers can also choose which crushing machines to be included in the mobile crushing plant depending on their needs. This machine is widely used for screening and crushing different kinds of materials, like: ore, granite, cobble, andesite, basalt, copper ore, iron ore, limestone, coal, marble, gold ore, quartz sand etc. The mobile crushing plant is heavily used in different industry sectors, like construction, waste disposal, cement production, mining, and in other industry fields. When compared with the standard crushing machines, the mobile crushing plant provides more advantages in terms of convenient movement, powerful performance, and excellent results on the job site.

Crawler Mobile Crusher. The crawler mobile crusher is a specific crushing plant which is driven by hydraulic pressure and moves with its own tracked chassis. This crusher is used for various crushing and screening tasks, and stands for excellent performance, superior results and high reliability. The crawler mobile crusher is heavily used as primary crushing equipment for the construction of bridges, buildings and roads. It is also used in other industry sectors, like mining and metallurgy. It is a new mobile crusher type that combines the advantages of the most powerful crushers in the world. The crawler mobile crusher is ideal machine for crushing and screening materials like: cobble, limestone, diabase, granite, andesite, basalt, construction waste, coal etc. This machine can be found in four different versions: crawler type mobile screen station, crawler type mobile impact crusher, crawler type mobile jaw crusher, and crawler type mobile cone crusher.

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