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Mirrorless Camera or DSLR: Which Is Right for You?

A few years ago, the majority professional photographers bought DSLR cameras since they were regarded the best choice at the time. However, the mirror mechanism of DSLR cameras is noisy, complex and adds weight to the camera. Here is where mirrorless cameras and compact system cameras come in. A mirrorless camera keeps the big sensor and interchangeable lens of a DSLR camera but it doesn’t have the mirror which makes it smaller, simpler and lighter. Here are three great features that mirrorless cameras offer and DSLR ones don’t.



With the advancements in building mirrorless cameras, it’s harder to generalise about their weaknesses and strengths. However, it still remains a fact that they are smaller in size than DSLR ones. Having no mirror means the lens can be mounted much closer to the sensor, which helps reduce the size of the system. Although, when it comes to faster and more expensive lenses – they can still be larger and bulkier. The lenses for these cameras are specially designed to match the size of the sensor.


Mirrorless cameras have relatively new developed lens that are well optimised for the newest high-res models. If you are looking to buy mirrorless camera, check which lenses are available for the camera you want to purchase; some are more interesting as well as more affordable for one type of camera than another.



This was once considered a weakness of mirrorless cameras, however, modern hybrid auto focus systems have improved and tightened the gap between mirrorless cameras and DSLR. Not every mirrorless camera offers this feature though, so you should do some research if you need to buy mirrorless camera that offers this feature.

Video Capture

Since mirrorless cameras use the sensors’ continuous output to preview the scene constantly, it’s not a change in behavior for them to capture this output as video footage. This means that there is no mirror blocking the sensor. In other words, you don’t have to change the way your camera works entirely in order to capture video footage, you can use the same previewing and recording means when you switch from still images to video capturing. Due to this, mirrorless cameras have the leading role when it comes to better video and smart photographic tricks that can stem from it.

To conclude, mirrorless cameras have started competing in areas where DSLR ones have been traditionally better. This has come to a point where one extra feature or lens that a mirrorless camera offers will change your mind when it comes to deciding which one you want to go with.

By Anthony Hendriks

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