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Metal Vs. Plastic Vs. Wood – Which Garden Shed Is Ideal for You?

Garden Shed

If you are a green-fingered person, at some point in your life, you’ll probably consider getting a garden shed. A garden shed is considered a gardener’s best friend as it helps put their life in order. As you know, in order to have a beautiful garden, you need to properly take care of it and maintain its great look. Having to constantly run in and out of the house to get the right gardening tools to help you in cutting, pruning and watering your plants can be exhausting.

This is where the need for a garden shed comes in. Aside from having all your tools nearby and all at one place, a garden shed will also help you to organize your tools easier. With plenty of garden sheds options available, it can be a bit challenging to choose the best one that suits your needs best. Below I’ve compared the different types of sheds available at most online sheds retailers to help you find out how each of them can suit your needs.

Metal Sheds

metal shed

Metal sheds are the most popular type used in backyards worldwide. They can be used all year ’round and offer many benefits, affordability, and durability being the main ones. When installed correctly, metal sheds can stand up to some pretty harsh weather conditions. Metal sheds don’t need any painting or complex maintenance either. This explains why metal is also popular with professional sheds, factory, and warehouse buildings. When looking up the online sheds retailers, you will find that metal sheds can come in kits that are pre-cut and pre-drilled, so you won’t need many tools to assemble them. For some homeowners, metal sheds aren’t much attractive, but nowadays it is possible to find powder coated or vinyl coated versions of these sheds that look quite nice when installed properly.

Plastic/Resin Sheds

plastic shed

Plastic is another great material to make a shed. It allows you to get an economical design that is often found in big cities with a wood style finish that is common among country houses. Plastic sheds look neat, are easy to install, and require little maintenance if installed properly. To make plastic sheds, manufacturers use a mould injection process that allows them to make every part of the shed they want and build it thoughtfully. The result of this design is a dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean floor, a space full of natural light that gets through the windows, which can also have a slight ramp for easy access with heavy equipment.

Wood Sheds

wood shed

Wood is a strong material that can be easily machined, sewn or drilled into different sizes and shapes, allowing you to build the shed you want. You can even paint it to match your house’s exterior. Although wood is a good material for a garden shed, it is best if you want to build a shed/workshop. In this case, the wood will act as an insulator that helps regulate the temperature, something that other materials can’t do. As wooden sheds are the most expensive of the three options, you need to carefully consider if the extra investment is really worth your money.

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