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Mens Perfume Or Cologne – What Is The Difference

Every time you decide to buy mens perfume for a gift, you face the same problem whether a perfume is a better choice than a cologne. Perfumes for men and colognes differ in many aspects such as longevity, intensity and composition. And this has nothing to do with personal preferences, personality and style. Of course, it is always good to have in mind what the recipient likes when shopping for mens perfume. Because not many perfume lovers know the real difference between mens perfume and colognes, we’ve made a short list you’ll find useful next time you buy perfumes for men.

  • One of the difference is the fact that a cologne is a lighter version of mens perfume. Cologne s feature a more masculine scent but are not as strong as perfumes.
  • Oil content is another difference between mens perfume and a cologne. Perfumes have higher oil concentration, thus last longer and are stronger.
  • Perfumes for men are made of fragrant essential oils and solvents, while colognes represent a mixture of essential oils, water and alcohol. This is why mens perfume have a stronger and lasting scent which can stay on for 6-8 hours. Unlike perfumes for men, colognes usually last about 1-2 hours and need to be reapplied more often.
  • The intensity is another aspect you need to consider. Perfumes for men contain 15 percent essential oils, while colognes only around 5 percent or less. This is why mens perfume are more expensive.
  • Oppose to colognes, mens perfume include more floral and fruity essential oils. On the other hand, colognes are designed to be more masculine, spicy and musky. Which one is ideal for your man, will depend on his personality, likes and style.
  • Perfumes for men feature several notes that change throughout the day – top notes, middle notes and base notes. Colognes on the other hand consist of only one or two notes (in most cases only one).
  • Due to their lightness, colognes are ideal for people that work in small offices, airplane cabins and other similar places. Men with oily skin also find mens perfumes too intense and overwhelming and prefer using colognes.
  • Price is another aspect you have to have in mind. Colognes are far more cheaper than mens perfume. This is due to the concentration of the essential oils in a perfume. The higher the concentration of essential oils, the higher the price of a mens perfume .

By Jessie Sanner

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