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Maximise Your Workout Benefits on the Go: The Ultimate Guide to Protein Shakers

protein shaker

If you’re into maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body, and you do this by not only paying attention to the sleep and food quality but also the workout, then you know how important protein is for muscle recovery and growth. It consists of amino acids that are crucial for muscle build and repair, so the more you exercise, the bigger the amounts of protein you require.

This explains why accessories like convenient and practical protein shakers are as crucial as the rest of the supplies you need in your gym bag. Whether you prefer your nutrition juice pre-workout or post-workout is irrelevant as it’s a personal decision given that research indicates both options are effective.

Having the right shaker at hand pre- and post-workout means you can ensure you provide your body with adequate antioxidants immediately when needed. Still, to make the most of this useful tool for prepping and mixing your favourite powdery supplements and delicious drinks, you should find the right receptacle for your needs. While there’s certainly no shortage of options on the market, the following are some of the popular options.

Supplement Mart

protein shaker by Supplement Mart
Source: supplementmart.com.au

As one of Australia’s biggest supplement and sports nutrition retailers that are made it to the top among competitors, it’s not surprising it’s made it to the top of this list too. In addition to boasting an extensive range of protein powders, fat burners and metabolism-boosting products, amino acids, and mass gainers from a vast array of brands, they also impress with the protein shakers designed from the right materials with the right features.

Besides the incredibly affordable price and lightweight which makes them easily portable, they also don’t disappoint in terms of function. With the leak-proof and crack-proof design that’s been tried and tested, they also feature a screw-on lid and a flip cap, plus a spring ball mixer for piece-of-cake mixing even if the powders are prone to clumping. Aside from being practical, they’re stylish as well and can be found in different colours so you can choose the one that’s your favourite or matches the rest of your gym equipment.


Originating back in 2009, the Original2Go was the brand’s most sought-after product by gymgoers and bodybuilders alike for the leakproof lid and carabiner added for convenience with a lifestyle on the go. The two separate storage compartments plus pill separator protein shaker bottle design continue to be the marking features of the brand’s various bottles you can easily find at sports stores and retailers.


The original BlenderBall started as a wire whisk by the founder Steve Sorensen who then, along with his wife Kim, decided to implement the creation in the world of supplements, specifically with the way they’re mixed and consumed. Years later, the wire feature is still very much part of their versatile and leak-proof protein shakers as a patented element that offers consistent and smooth results.


iceshaker bottles
Source: brobible.com

Inspired by the need to drink up a tasty shake from bottles that aren’t “smelly”, the stainless steel IceShaker made it to the news thanks to the Shark Tank presentation by Chris Gronkowski. The product is still pretty much popular as it was a few years ago, and now you can find it with more designs, colours, and of course incredible temperature-controlling capabilities thanks to the double wall vacuum insulation. It can work to blend protein powder and as a strainer, with impressive ice-preserving properties (more than 30 hours).

How Do I Choose a Protein Shaker?

Same as you would choose other gym accessories, you should look into some of the basics to be able to find the most suitable shaker for your needs. This includes paying attention to things like material, durability, capacity, and price.


This is a property that doesn’t only have a say in the aesthetics of the shakers, but also the whole usefulness, and how well the receptacle would preserve the temperature and the taste and flavour of your shakes and drinks. Look for durable metals and plastic that are BPA-free and safe to store your favourite liquids in. High-quality materials may cost more than cheap alternatives, yet they do pay off in the long run.


Again, this is where the material is crucial, and also where you should pay more if you want to make the most out of the investment. Keep in mind the shakers are going to go through a lot of wear and tear, especially if you go to the gym more times during the week, so be sure to choose something that’s tough, tested, and can withstand multiple uses. If you care about ease of maintenance too, it’s essential to pick designs that are low maintenance and fit for dishwasher use.


Whether you like to prepare your drinks in advance or mix them up at the gym, there are various designs with different capacities for these purposes. Even the same product from the same brand is usually available in at least two different sizes, so consider your needs and buy accordingly. Also, if you pick out the bigger one, think through whether you can fit it in your gym bag.


If you’re on a tight budget, this is an aspect you’re probably going to want to look into. The aforementioned brands are truly worth the investment, and they offer products at affordable prices, so do your research, read up some reviews, and consider what works best for you.

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