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Manual gearbox or Automatic gearbox

If you have the opportunity to see what car dealerships have to offer these days, you can’t help but notice one thing – almost 90% of new and used cars today have automatic gearbox. Maybe this is the case because cars are becoming sort of a necessity rather than luxury and satisfaction. But people who want to drive a car to experience that rush of adrenalin prefer manual gearbox. Any skilled and experienced driver will tell you that driving manual gearbox cars feels way better than just pressing on one pedal all the time. Manual gearbox models have become so rare which has raised expenses for their Box Hill vehicle service and many other major cities. Nevertheless both gear systems have their own advantages and disadvantages which we’ll shortly describe.

Urban automatic gearbox

If your car is the second place where you spend most of your time, automatic gearbox is better. High city traffic, frequent stops and multiple lane roads adjust to the automatic driving experience. Think of a situation where you are stuck in city traffic and need to change gears every 10 seconds to move along with the other cars. Sounds exhausting right? That’s why automatic models were developed in the first place.

Manual gearbox is fuel efficient

If you do your log book service as you should, making a comparison between automatic and manual gearbox will give you interesting results. It can be a lot cheaper if you know how to make it. Because you have more freedom in deciding how much power will your engine use while driving in different gears you directly affect how much fuel car will consume. On the other hand, automatic transmission does not allow this control as you only decide how hard you’ll step on the gas pedal thus shift gears while fuel consumption is totally automatic. A common problem with automatic transmission cars is that if something is wrong with the gear system, it can cause the engine to be even less fuel efficient.

 manual or automatic

Maintenance costs

Overall, because automatic transmission has a more complex structure it will have a more expensive car service Box Hill mechanics for instance, charge almost twice the amount than what it costs to service manual transmission engines. 

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