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King or Queen Size Bed – Which Is a Better Investment?

ByJessie Sanner

Mar 9, 2015
King or Queen Size Bed

When it comes to buying a new bed, choosing the right bed size is the single most important consideration. For most couples, the choice is usually either a king or a queen size bed. But, what’s the difference? King size and queen size beds differ in width, but not in length. While queen size bed is your ideal choice for a small bedroom, king size beds offer incredible comfort. The investment cost and maintaining costs of a king size bed are higher than those of queen size beds, because they are larger. And since both the bed frame and the mattresses of king size beds are bigger, they are slightly more expensive.


A queen size bed is 152 cm wide, while a king size bed is 193 cm wide, which is a big difference in terms of width. In length, both bed sizes are 203 cm long. However, there are bed frames and mattresses that do not come with these standard dimensions, which can be problematic. Before you buy cheap bed frame or a mattress, you need to measure your room to ensure you make the right choice. Non-standard bed frames or mattresses may need you to buy different bed sheets as well.

The most popular mattress with non-standard dimensions is the California queen size bed, which is 10cm longer than standard queen size beds. The most common king non-standard dimensions is the California king size bed. This bed size is so popular that it is not even considered as a non-standard, but like a different kind of king size bed. It is both longer and wider than standard king size bed with 183cm and 213cm. The California king size bed really comes with a higher price tag, but it is certainly an investment you will never regret.


As mentioned above, both standard and non-standard king size beds are more expensive than queen size beds. Prices for either size bed models vary depending on a distributor, manufacturer, bed frame material, mattress material and padding. Before you buy cheap bed frame and mattress, decide what size of bed you need or how big of a bed your bedroom can accommodate.

Which is a better investment? It depends. If you want comfort regardless of the price, look no further and purchase a king size bed. If smaller sized bed fits your room better, then buy a queen size bed. It might be difficult to figure out which size bed is worth investing, but by considering more factors and future costs can give you a clearer picture.

By Jessie Sanner

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