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Kinetic Sand or Play Dough – Which Is Better

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the sensors for touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. Today, there are many play and toy sets on the market which are designed especially to stimulate sensory play and activity in children The play dough and kinetic sand are the most popular toy sets which stimulate sensory play and help children to develop sensory and motor skills at the same time. Continue reading to learn more about these play sets.

Teach your children how to mold and to create different shapes and creations with play dough and kinetic sand. These toy sets also support your child to learn through play and imagination, and at the same time strengthen the small muscles in their fingers. With these toys, young children learn how to express their ideas through art, and to feel competent and proud of their accomplishments. Moreover, they help children in releasing stress and angry.

Kinetic Sand

Play dough is fun and popular toy set among young children. Made of flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil, the play dough is a versatile sensory material that offers many learning opportunities, such as art and craft projects at home and in school. Offered in different colors, children can mix the dough to make amazing creations. However, the dough needs to be used in a can or in an airtight container, otherwise it will dry up.

Kinetic sand is amazing new sensory play set, perfect for motor skill development of young children. This special sand is soft, stretchy and non sticking. Made from a mixture of pure sand and polymers, the kinetic sand has a texture unlike anything your kids have ever played with before. Because it is more gritty than the real dry sand, it doesn’t creates mess in your home.

When compared with play dough, the kinetic sand is soft and can be easily molded in different shapes or figures. In addition, the kinetic sand never dries out and always keeps its original form no matter how it is used. A big plus of the kinetic sand is that it is totally safe for the little kids because it is anti-microbial and allergen free, keeping the little hands clean all the time. Simply said, with kinetic sand there is no mess.

Even though play dough is a great toy, the kinetic sand is far away more entertaining. It is a fantastic product that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

By Jessie Sanner

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