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Industrial Steel Work Benches – Buy Or DIY?

ByAnthony Hendriks

Dec 11, 2015
industrial steel work bench

Most people wish to have a functioning workplace so they can work efficiently and maintain a high standard. Having a good quality steel work bench can make all the difference. Some people however, are faced with the dilemma between buying a brand new steel work bench or trying to build their own from scratch. Not that long ago you didn’t have that many options when it came to a work bench, they were stock standard sizes and shapes, but nowadays manufacturers have started providing new features for different needs. You can even get custom-made benches now if you are looking for something completely different.

It is important that you know some of the differences and drawbacks you might have if you decide to build instead of buying a steel work bench. You might save money building your own, but there are more drawbacks in the long run. Some of these drawbacks include the resale value, you can always sell a brand name better than a no name bench; you also usually get a warranty and guidelines as to how stable, reliable and how much weight that bench can take. Whereas building one yourself, you can never be exactly sure just how long it will last and how much weight you are supposed to put on it.


Next let’s go over what features and qualities you should be aware of when looking for a good steel work bench. The first is to look at the environment the bench will be put in and whether it can or cannot withstand the pressure of the surrounding environment. A brand name, well-designed bench can withstand a lot of weights; there are even benches specifically designed for this reason, if it is a big deciding factor for you.

The next component of the work bench you should be aware of, whether buying or building it yourself, is that surface. There are so many materials that are available like steel, butchers block, hard wood, plastic laminate, and so on, so it is important to research which material your surface should be made of so it is durable enough for your needs. You should also consider if you need anything to be adjustable like the legs or maybe you need stackable drawers. Durability and flexibility should also be a major deciding factor for you. A manufacturer who has been doing it for 50 years and someone who is building their first bench is surely not going to turn out the same.

You should also take into account all the options that you can choose from and customize or choose the steel work bench that suits your needs. It might be a bit difficult to find the model that will meet all your needs but know that a standard steel work bench is easy to customize later meaning you don’t need to buy custom straight away, you can always add features later. Some accessories and features you should consider to make your workplace function smoothly, are legs or surfaces that are adjustable or portable, any shelving or drawers, task lights, sloped shelves, divider shelves, bin rails, and lock mechanisms that will keep your materials safe and secure.

It all comes down to what you want and need to get out of your steel work bench. Building one yourself gives you the option to add features that are personalized to you specifically and you can’t find that in a store, whereas buying a brand new one will offer you durability and security. You can find many steel work benches for sale in many industrial warehouses or you can search, compare and buy steel work benches online and have them delivered to you today.

By Anthony Hendriks

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