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Indoor Modern Planters Discussed

indoor modern planters

If you love the company of plants (then again who does not), you have certainly tried incorporating a garden in your home. When considering a garden, people usually have the picture of a vast yard in mind, Downton Abbey-like (alright, maybe a bit smaller than that), with all the varieties of plants and the space fit for garden tea parties. Since most people live in apartments, (considering the fast growing pace of cityscapes), not everyone has the possibility for such a garden. This is not to be deemed as a cause for disappointment, however, because any size might do for you to get surrounded by plants.

Indoor Modern Planters

Just imagine your balcony, rooftop, living room and kitchen decorated with the charm of planters or and even window boxes. You can amp up the style of your home and turn it into a stress-free zone with beautiful greenery, choosing from the endless flower choices, such as violets, anthurium, hibiscus, geranium, jasmine, succulents, including vegetables. When growing your own vegetables, you have the chance to become more eco aware and start doing your own compost, drop the use of chemical fertilisers and get organic food on your daily menu. With so many plants and herbs available, you have to pay attention to the kind of planter you choose. When it comes to indoor plants, there are two types of planters discussed below, so you will be able to compare and make your pick.

The latest trend that is here to stand the test of time are modern planters indoor combination of both practicality and style – the self-watering planters. It is safe to say these planters are modern art, and with their sleek design they will give your home a minimalist touch. Along with their decorative value, they have a built-in reservoir which is a reason more to implement them in your interior. The level indicator lets you know when the water levels are low, so you just fill up the reservoir and the watering of your plants is taken care of for days. Drainage is also covered, since the water that is not used up by the plants gets stored for further use. The planter is HDPE mould and is BPA free, so there are no worries for toxins. Though it might be pricier than ordinary planters, it is a worthy investment that will work wonders for your garden.

If you wish to unleash your creative streak, you can let your individuality mark your garden space with DIY modern planters indoor. You can use just about anything, and if your décor has the tendency for a retro look, you can use some of your grandma’s jewellery boxes to add that unique vintage flair to your living space, or make planters from old instruments (trumpet, drums), old books and wooden blocks. Use tins and wine bottles to make a hanging garden. You get bonus points if you have the desire to add an eclectic touch in your rooms, so you can use different pieces without disturbing the interior harmony. Make sure not to use too many planters in a small space, since it will make your room look even smaller having all of them scattered around.

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