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How to Make Any Small Room Seem Bigger

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When designed well, small apartments can resemble comfortable, Zen-like retreats. But when you have all of your possessions that you’re trying to fit into one tiny room, however, the result can be uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and anything but relaxing.

It requires some purposeful effort to achieve the former rather than the latter. The good news is that the answer to living well in a tiny place may be simpler than you believe. It all comes down to deceiving the eye into experiencing more space through the use of simple concepts such as scale, colour, light and movement.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your entire home
Source: bhg.com

Decluttering your entire home, whether as part of a downsizing endeavour or simply to simplify your life, is a major undertaking. Decluttering in portions is the greatest way to make it easy. Concentrate on one room, one space, or even one zone inside a room at a time and complete the assignment before moving on. Keeping stuff you “just might need someday” comes at the expense of not living your best, decluttered life. So, reconsider clinging to the curtain rods or the six outdated cell phones.

Using storage baskets, boxes, and closet dividers may help you tidy up items that would otherwise clutter your home. Organizing your stuff not only helps you arrange them but also makes them easier to track and locate, and eventually donate or throw away. Baskets and storage trunks can be used for practically everything, from towels to toys, under-counter organization as well as bathroom storage.

The Trick Is in the Colour Palette

Colour Palette on wall
Source: mydomaine.com

Light paint colours are well known in the design world for making a room appear larger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflecting, making a place feel open and spacious, maximizing the effect of natural light. As a result, adding black wall art to your light-coloured walls may break the monotony by providing the contrast you seek.

Black is the colour that conveys a sense of power, wealth, and elegance. The beauty of it is also in its versatility. Such decor may also be used in your office to open it up and still maintain the theme of professionalism, neutrality, and simplicity. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be gloomy or negative; rather, it may be motivating, bold, and sophisticated.

Black, grey, and brown may be the “bad guys” of a painter’s palette with the reputation for being moody and sad, but painting your walls black or hanging an art piece from the darker side of the palette can instead open up a room. It may also make it appear larger, airier, and more hospitable than you expect. And can we all agree that nothing says sophisticated and sexy as black wall decor does? Decorating with dramatic tones might be intimidating, but charcoal grey fits most styles and colours. Plus, it blends in perfectly with the rest of almost any era of interior design.

Pick Your Furniture Carefully

Furniture on your small room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

It’s all about proportions when it comes to small-space furniture. Simply put, if a piece scrapes up against the edges of the room, whether up and down, or sideways, it’s too big. Always allow a little space between the sides of your furniture and the walls to give a sense of space.

Avoid large, bulky pieces that take up too much useful space in the room. A slimline sofa or chair, for example, will provide the same amount of seating space as their overstuffed counterparts but take up far less space. If you want a large, statement piece item, go for a unique mirror or a painting.

Again, the key to generating the perception of larger space is to create a sense of spaciousness. Brightness and air can flow not only over but also under and around streamlined furniture, giving it the appearance of openness. Consider furniture pieces that are both low and leggy.

Open Space with Brighter Windows

Open Space with Brighter Windows
Source: mymove.com

Even if the curtains don’t cover the entire window, they prevent the eye from taking in the view outside. Drapes and curtains are a great styling addition but if your room is small, they simply add more “stuff” to the interior. By removing them, the room is kept minimal. Consider shutters, lightweight mesh, or cloth shades for privacy.

If you must use curtains, utilize a bar that goes far beyond the window frame, allowing you to completely expose the window when needed. Avoid curtains made of heavy materials and fabrics that absorb light and weigh down your space if at all possible. Linen is a great example of a lightweight textile that will add to the room’s impression of airiness.

Don’t Forget About Patterns and Textures

Patterns and Textures
Source: homelane.com

Stripes help make a tiny living space appear larger. Use them vertically to make a low-ceiling room appear higher, or horizontally on the narrowest wall to make a small area appear larger. Stripes don’t have to be bold to be effective; they can be subtle. Striped curtains can make windows appear taller as well.

Finishes in white or pastel colours will make the room feel lighter, brighter, and larger. A gloss coating for ceilings is a popular style right now, and it can help make a tiny living room feel larger. However, experts advise against picking a gloss finish for the floor in this scenario.

Also, you may want to consider coloured wallpaper in certain areas instead of paint to give the effect of divided sections and depth. Remember to see whether it’s suitable if used in a combination with stylish black wall decor.

Your Key Takeaways

  • Paint the walls and ceilings a light or pale colour.
  • Select reflective coatings for walls and floors in moderation.
  • Hang mirrors.
  • Invest in smart storage and declutter to keep surfaces as uncluttered as possible.
  • Assure that furniture has modest or low proportions or is visibly small, for example, in clear glass.
  • Rather than cluttered gallery walls, display one large piece of art in contrasting, dark colours such as black wall decor.
  • Make sure the windows are clean and that the drapes and blinds may be pulled back or up to let in as much light as possible.

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