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Different types of home accents come and go, but one type of accessorising will never go out of style: a beautiful floral arrangement or floral-inspired décor. Perfect for any room in the house, a variety of blooms (whether faux or real) will instantly brighten your interior.

The right flower type combined with the perfect vase can really enhance your chosen aesthetic. Not sure whether to go for modern cool or big and bright? I’ve gathered a few creative ways to add flowers to your home.

Create a Floral Hallway Entrance

Dried Flowers in Hallway
source: wonderland.com.sg

There is no better way to be welcomed when you enter your home than by a delightful floral display. As a result, the hallway is one of the most effective places to display a beautiful dried flowers arrangement fit for any season. When guests enter your home, something bright and eye-catching will always spark a conversation. You can also take advantage of high ceilings if you have them and hang plants from there.

A mix of green and purple hydrangeas, guelder roses, and dahlias form a tall, full bouquet that can be admired from the ground while walking up an elegant staircase, and from above. Pay attention to the vase: a sculptural silhouette adds edge to the pretty display, while a neutral palette allows the flowers to stand out.

Refresh Your Home Décor with Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers Arrangement in living room
source: afloral.com

Decorating with dried natural flowers, which was popular during the Victorian era, has made a big comeback in recent years as a way to relate to nature and makes a brilliant alternative to fresh flowers for anyone who is allergic, has little kids or pets, or just prefers the timeless dried flowers arrangement aesthetic.

There’s no denying that fresh floral bouquets can liven up a space, but they only last so long. Dried, on the other hand, are lasting and will bring joy to your décor month after month without having to be constantly updated, making them a far more maintainable way of decorating too.

You could, for example, try out your arts and crafts skills and make a lovely vase pose. Vibrant dried flowers posy would look lovely displayed in a simple vase or as a lovely and long-lasting gift idea. Start with the flatter stems in one hand, keeping them longer and to the back of the arrangement, then add in neater stems in slightly shorter lengths, keeping the stems simple and pointing down.

Fill in the gaps with rounded flowers, covering the stems gradually. Keep the stems long but trim to neaten with florist wire. Wrap the stems in ribbon and tie a bow on top. If you want to keep things simpler, hire a professional to create your own stunning accent décor piece made of dried flowers arrangement or choose a ready-made one online. You’d be amazed by all the options!

Invest in Vases with Fresh Flowers for the Dining Table

Bouquet of Dried Flowers on Christmas table for family lunch
source: flowrette.com

A dining table is an ideal platform for your most beautiful bouquet of flowers. A round table looks stunning with a single centrepiece, whereas lengthier designs can be perfectly accented with multiple vases. Each vase can have a stepped base and be filled with a mix of snow-white roses, hydrangeas, and lilies. Examine how the floral arrangements vary in height; look for a balanced appearance that isn’t flat or one-dimensional.

Bring on the Vintage with Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper with round table and chair in front
source: feathr.com

A bold print of floral wallpaper can be used to make a stunning statement in a room, and it works especially well in an open space, such as an open-plan dining/living room. If you want to use this theme but don’t have the pleasure of having a large space, you can always make a feature wall out of bold floral prints. Use complementary colours inspired by nature’s palette of your bold print to complement the rest.

For example, you could pick a colour from the floral print that you like and apply it to the remaining wall space. Don’t limit yourself to flowers with flower prints. Jungle wallpaper is a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your home without overcrowding it with potentially antiquated floral prints. Green tones have a calming effect on any interior and can be combined with your preferred neutrals or shades of green.

Add a Bouquet for Charming Bedside

dried flowers bouquet on the bedside
source: pinterest.com

A bouquet of lovely flowers is a wonderful way to dress up your bedside table. The advantages aren’t just visual; you can also boost your energy and set yourself up for a successful day by merely putting an arrangement to your bed.

Because your bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself at night and the first place you’ll find yourself in the morning, creating pleasing surroundings is essential for a good mood. Avoid extra-large arrangements because you’ll want to allow room for a nightlight, your favourite nighttime books, and any other small items or essentials you’d like to have nearby.

Use Nature-Inspired Art to Beautify Your Home

Nature-Inspired Art in three picture on the wall in living room
source: mauritius.desertcart.com

If caring for fresh flowers is too much of a responsibility, or if you want something to match your dried arrangements around your home, consider investing in beautiful art inspired by nature with floral motifs all over it. This way you aren’t making a long-term investment such as painting your walls or installing wallpaper. This is a great idea for renters still looking for their forever home.

By Jessie Sanner

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