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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for Your Pooch

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Dogs are family and we want to make their life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. They are known to sleep around 12-14 hours per day. That’s half of the day spent sleeping. So, it goes without saying that providing your pooch with the right support during their sleep is an important part of their care. Beds are a place for your dog to relax and calm, to feel safe and protected and most importantly, to support them once they get older and start developing joint and hip issues.

Types of Dog Beds

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From such a wide range to choose from, you might wonder what is a perfect bed for a dog. That will mostly depend on several factors such as the age of your dog, its size and behaviour, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor dog or if it has any health issues.

You can buy dog beds with different designs to meet the needs of different animals, and each type of bed has its own distinct features.

Cooling Beds

Cooling beds are a great summer alternative to help your pet cool off during the highest heat. Especially if you live in a hot climate, a cooling bed will significantly improve the quality of your dog’s life and make its days much more comfortable. Your pooch must have a bed where it can cool off for a good and quality sleep. These beds are ideal for dogs with thick or long fur, especially for breeds like huskies or Alaskan malamute, which can easily overheat during the hottest months of the year.

The cooling beds are made of self-cooling materials that have temperature-regulating properties. These beds are super comfy and breathable and they come with removal covers which are very easy to wash and clean. For additional protection for your furry friend, besides the cooling properties, many models are made of bacteria-resistant fabrics.

Calming Beds

Some dogs are more anxious than others. Anxious dogs will greatly benefit from sleeping in calming beds as they are designed to soothe them and make them feel comfortable. Such models provide a space where dogs can cocoon, which makes them feel safe and relaxed.

But calming beds are also a great alternative for pups or dogs who love to cuddle. Often featuring faux fur, they simulate the presence of their mother, providing your pooch with a reassuring feeling and comfort. These beds are usually donut-shaped with raised sides which offer a protective barrier and provide the dog with a sense of security and make them feel protected.


Many owners opt for dog mattresses as an alternative to a standard dog bed. Mattresses are perfect for pups that love to stretch out and sleep in different positions, allowing them to move comfortably, without any obstacles. They are particularly practical for large breeds which tend to spread themselves out while sleeping or just relaxing.

There are different styles and designs of dog mattresses to choose from and they come in different sizes. It’s a wonderful option for optimum comfort while your pooch is snoozing.

Snuggle Beds

If your pooch loves to snuggle, this is the perfect type for it. Designed with raised sides or a cave-in style, snuggle models provide a deep sleeping area for luxury and comfort, helping your dog to get a blissful sleep. They can be either made from soft and plushy materials or faux fur, both providing a soft cushion for a comfortable sleep.

Orthopaedic Beds

Any owner of a senior dog knows the struggle and pain of seeing your fur baby struggle with joint and hip issues. But it’s not just senior pets, many breeds like German shepherds or Great Danes are prone to joint and hip issues.

Orthopaedic beds are designed specifically to provide joint and hip support and pressure relief so that your furry friend can have comfortable and painless sleep. Orthopaedic beds help evenly distribute the animal’s body weight thanks to the memory foam, and usually have low-rise bolster walls. Although they tend to have a higher price tag, they are highly durable and are essential when it comes to making your pooch’s life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Raised Beds

Raised beds make the perfect outdoor solution due to the elevated design, which keeps the bed from coming in contact with the ground. This way the dog’s sleeping space is protected from absorbing water and dirt from the ground.

They have a steel frame that keeps the bed in place every time your dog gets up and down. The fabrics used in raised beds are breathable, easy to clean and some even provide extra protection against flees. Also, anytime you want to replace the cover, just unscrew the four bolts in the frame and you can easily assemble them back.

Waterproof Beds

Waterproof beds are an ideal solution for active and adventure-seeking dogs who love to splash in water or mud puddles and wipe their fur against the bed. The material they’re made of is very easy to clean and is water and dirt-resistant. The wide array of styles and designs of waterproof dog beds allows a seamless transition from an outdoor to an indoor bed that can easily blend with your interior decor.

Heated Beds

If your dog spends too much time outside or in cold areas of the house, especially if you live in a colder climate, a heated bed will help regulate the dog’s body temperature and keep it warm and cosy. If you have a senior dog with joint issues, a heated bed will help relieve the pain and provide it with a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, heated beds are a true saviour for dogs that have issues with self-regulating body temperature or for any breed that has super short hair. Also, having young pups that need extra warmth and cuddling, will greatly benefit from this product as it creates a sense of comfort and familiarity like when they sleep next to their mother.

Heated beds come in a variety of styles and designs. Some might have an electric heating system that is chewing-resistant, while others can have thermal insulation which allows the bed to raise the temperature to that of the dog. However, even though electric heating systems are chewing resistant, the best is to avoid them if your pooch has chewing habits and use a thermal self-heated bed instead.

How to Choose the Right Bed For My Dog?

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Breed and Size

The bed shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should leave just enough space for your pooch to spread and move comfortably during sleep, without squeezing in. There are different sizes of dog beds and depending on the breed, you will be able to find the perfect bed size for your dog.


Do you have a puppy? Is your dog way deep in their senior years or is just getting older? Puppies tend to chew everything and anything around them, including their beds, therefore, is important to choose a chewing-resistant bed.

Furthermore, young pups still need the comfort of cuddling which will make them feel like their sleeping next to their mother. Choose a snuggle or calming bed which will provide them with a sense of security.

Older or senior dogs need a bed that will provide them with bodyweight support or might have additional requirements that need to be met.

Health Issues

Senior dogs or any dog that has joint issues require sleeping on a bed that will provide them with body support to relieve the joint pressure. Orthopaedic beds provide extra cushioning so these beds don’t squash down once your pooch settles in.

Sleeping Habits

Does your dog want to curl up or want to spread out all over the bed? Is your dog a cuddler, or do they want to be left alone when asleep? Knowing the common and favourite sleeping position of your pet is important to choosing something that will meet its needs.


Anxious dogs require extra support and protection while sleeping and love a bed where they can hide. Dogs that love to destroy everything around them will benefit from highly durable fabrics such as canvas, PVC or waterproof materials. A pet that has problems with listening and following orders will greatly benefit from sleeping in a crate, while a super-active dog needs a cushioned bed to support their joints after they have been physically active the whole day.

So, does a dog bed matter? Yes, it does. Choosing the right option for your furry friend has the potential to improve its sleep and overall health and wellbeing. A healthy dog is a happy dog and your pooch will thank you!

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