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How to Choose Between Clearomizer and Cartomizer?

When e-cigarettes were first introduced, most e-cig starter kits came only with atomizers included. However, in the following years, the electronic cigarettes have incredibly advanced and numerous innovations were introduced. For example, cartomizers and clearomizers have become a more popular choice for many smokers (vapers) than the atomizers, as they are generally less expensive and easier to maintain.

These two types of e-cigarettes do not require cleaning and are easy to fill. But since they have a plenty of differences, many people new to vaping, get confused when lit comes to choosing between the cartomizer and clearomizer.


First of all, what atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers have in common is that they all have heating coils. For those who don’t know, heating coil is the part of electronic cigarettes that vaporizes liquid allowing you to smoke it. This is the only thing that’s the same.

The clearomizer is one of the latest developments in the electronic cigarettes technology, but cartomizer is still the favourite choice of many vapers. So, how can you choose which e cigarette starter kit meets your vaping needs better? It’s all about priorities.

One obvious advantage of the clearomizer is that it is, as its name suggests, clear. The body of the clearomizer is made from transparent plastic, which allows you to see how much vapor you have left in your e-cigarette. This makes it easy to know when exactly you need a refill. However, some e-cigarette users do not prefer to see the liquid, so it also comes to personal priorities. There are people who think that clearomizers are too futuristic and odd, so they stick to what they know well – cartomizer or atomizer.

When it comes to the look of the electronic cigarettes, there are two groups of vapers: those who prefer e-cigs that look very like traditional cigarettes as much as possible and those who prefer to get a fair distance from smoking by getting more high-tech looking vaping devices, the clearomizer. If you are using electronic cigarettes to ditch tobacco smoking, you should probably join the second group of vapers.

The cartomizer is less expensive than the clearomizer. You can buy a pack of 5 cartomizers for about $15 and each cartomizer lasts about two weeks. These electronic cigarettes are disposable, while clearomizers last for a very long period of time. This is the only reason why the clearomizer tends to cost a bit more. The main advantage of a clearomizer is that it is much easier to clean. It requires nothing more than simply taking it apart and rinsing it. If easy-to-use feature is an important factor for you, cartomizer is your better option.

By Jessie Sanner

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