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Home Entertainment Dilemma: 65-inch or 75-inch TV Screen?

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No matter how many of us thought the internet would kill the video star, TVs are still alive and well today. In fact, much like everything else with devices and appliances, they’re undergoing improvements and upgrades that provide us with new and amazing models of smart designs created to truly make a difference in our home entertainment.

How immersive you want it to be would depend on how big of a TV you choose. Would you go as big as opting to buy a 4K smart TV 65-inch model or even bigger with a 75-inch design TV? Moreover, is 75 inch TV better than a 65-inch? Well, you may have heard that bigger is always better but that’s not necessarily true.

Each of the two comes with its own advantages, which we’re going to look into in this text, so there’s no right or wrong choice. It all comes down to what it is you need for your entertainment and comfort.

65 Inches Smart TV

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source: techjunkie.com

If you compare it to the smaller and somewhat older models, a 65-inch 4K smart TV is a truly better option for getting exceptional picture quality, an enhanced gaming experience for those who want to make some progress in the games, plus HDTV content without experiencing any transmission issues. It may be a tad bit more expensive than the smaller choices, yet this factor isn’t such a problem given that bigger TVs are becoming more affordable than ever.

Take the incredible range of the 4K models as an example of clear, crisp and life-like image quality. The 4K stands for the amount of resolution in these models, specifically about 4.000 pixels horizontally, as the K simply indicates Kilo (1000). When you consider both the horizontal and vertical pixels, 3840 x 2160 for the 4K you get about 8.3 million pixels which translates to an incredibly immersive viewing experience in simple terms.

Also, even if you’re on a tight budget, specialized stores offer convenient sales throughout the year (think Black Friday) and you’re likely to come across one that fits just right with what you can afford on a new entertainment set, so it’s possible to go bigger. Yes, even bigger than your previous 45- or 55-inch monitor.

It’s big, but still not too big so that it would badly impact your viewing, as it’s large enough to provide the perfect entertainment experience from across the room yet not as large as to overburden the space. If you’re a family of four, a 4K smart TV 65-inch screen is a suitable choice that would ensure everyone has a great viewing angle. And with a 4K instead of a 1080p resolution, you won’t have to sit too far to make the most of the image quality.

75 Inches Smart TV

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source: upgradedhome.com

If you’re aiming for a home theatre experience and you have a bigger room to begin with, then the 75-inch monitor is a perfect pick. It’s bigger than the 65-inch TV, as it comes to about 15.38% larger diagonal and 33.14% larger area in actual aspect ratios. In centimeters, it’s got 166.04 cm in width, 93.39 cm in height, 15506.81 cm2 in area, and as a 16:9 display 190.50 cm.

If you’re a family of five or more, this is a solid choice that guarantees everyone gets a good view of the screen. In comparison, these numbers are opposed to the 143.90 cm in width, 80.94 cm in height, 11647.34 cm in area, and 134.90 cm as a 16:9 display of the 65-inch alternative. As such, the 75-inch counterpart is a must for anyone looking for an even more immersive experience.

Still, as mentioned, bigger means more expensive, especially if you’re choosing some newer models, so be sure to keep your budget in mind when you’re browsing through the available options. Unless you’re buying while there are some great offers, opting for a cheaper one may mean you’re compromising on the image quality as chances are a more expensive 4K smart TV 65-inch model would be of much better quality.

So, point taken – cheaper isn’t always better, at least not when you’re looking for the ideal TV set that you won’t have to replace in the next decade or so. Also remember, the higher you go, the bigger the viewing distance should be, thus the bigger the room. The viewing distance of at least five feet for the 65-inch design (i.e. 1.5 m to 2.5 m ideally) turns into seven feet and above for the 75-inch option (i.e. 2.1 m to 3 m).

Translation: if you have a medium-sized household with a more compact setup, the bigger TV isn’t exactly that suitable as it would disrupt your viewing experience, and possibly lead to eye strain. A word of advice would be to do some measuring of the chosen TV spot to see if it can fit a new set that is bigger. Lastly, consider the layout, and whether or not the TV unit is sturdy enough to withstand the weight should you choose to place the monitor on it.

By Jessie Sanner

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