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Holden Colorado

The Holden Colorado had decent sales figures in its final years, before Holden shut its doors to Aussie buyers. 24 out of 25 of the last new Holdens to reach customers were Colorados and the nameplate contributed to almost half of new vehicle sales in Holden’s final year, 2020.

If you’re an owner, then finding parts and accessories for the Colorado is straightforward. The car went through two editions, the first introduced in 2008, and a revised second-gen car coming out in 2013. Most buyers saved with the discounts Holden offered in the 2017-2020 facelifted version. This ran on a reworked 2.8 turbo-diesel, on the rear or all wheels, and in different cab variants. Trims levels were enough to rival market leaders in the ute sector, the Ranger and Hilux, with the accessory packs Holden filled with goodies.

If you missed out on the facelifted 2017 Holden Colorado accessories packs, there’s a whole range of aftermarket accessories to fill the void. Aussie made products and imports that have gone through rigorous local testing ensure your Colorado remains dent and scratch-free anywhere you drive. If you need more space and security, or want more performance from the oil burner, you’re also covered. And for campers and anyone using their ute for towing or traversing difficult terrain, hundreds of accessories will deck your rig to the required spec.

colorado accessories
source: 4x4venhicles.com

Protecting your Colorado

Packs were scarce on a few things, including a full triple hoop bull bar. The Xtreme Pack was the only one that had it, but the price made it out of range for most buyers. Aftermarket bullbars are a necessity if you’re taking your Colorado further from the comfort of sealed roads, and where roos rule the roost. The bars offer full frontal protection, and with fitted brush bars at the sides, you also protect yourself from hits or damage to the wheels and panels. Pop in a few bash plates, some running boards or bespoke rock riders and you’re set for anything the Aussie Outback can throw at you.

Rougher terrain with loose rocks means a high chance of dents or cracks. For the bonnet and windshield get a bonnet protector and these are often packaged together with window shields so you can get a breather with the windows down. Other protective items to look for on rougher roads are headlight protectors and mudguards to maintain visibility at all times, and keep the wheels clean and the tyres puncture free.

Out in the city, this may be overkill. Here a more civilised nudge bar can keep you safe in minor incidents at a lower speed. Both driving settings also require keeping the interior clean and dry, and a few floor mats and good seat covers will do the job. If you often chuck in all sorts of things in the tub, a tub liner will absorb anything with a bit more weight and sharper edges. You can also put in a retractable tonneau roll cover to keep the stuff inside the tub clean, dry and safe from sticky fingers.

Need Extra Space?

The tub has decent loading capacity, but some things just won’t fit. Bikes, kayaks and ladders are just a few items calling for dedicated roof racks. You’ll find racks in different sizes and designs. Larger platforms are good for carrying extra-long items, baskets can secure smaller things, and a tradesman rack combines both, but with the bonus of fitting a roof-top tent, or extending a full-sized awning when camping or fishing. In terms of materials, aluminium is the preferred choice (over steel) and has comparable strength but a fraction of the weight. Look for the max loading capacity in racks, and ensure they fit the cab type.

colorado 2017 accessories
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Off-roading Gear

Snorkels are necessary off-road to clean incoming air before it reaches the cylinders. Snorkels can be reinforced plastic and cheaper, or full-blown metal units offering the best in durability. Kits have everything you need, including mounts, clamps, brackets and piping.

One major upgrade to your ute is uprated suspension parts. These 2017 Holden Colorado accessories increase the ride height, so obstacles are no longer an issue. You have the choice of body lift kits if you want to put in bigger, off-road tyres, or a full suspension lift kit to substantially raise the vehicle. With this on, there’s also less risk of damaging the underbody, exhaust or transmission as you go over uneven surfaces.

When off-road also check that you have the right recovery gear. Ensure that the bull bar is winch compatible, and that there are rated tow points to fit shackles and straps. Recovery gear should be rated for double the weight of your ute fully loaded. Decent and inexpensive kits have all you need, though more specialist items like quality hi-lift jacks are often sold separately.

Towing Gear

The Colorado can tow 3500 kilos, but when fitted with the right tow bar and tow ball. For towing and trailer safety and stability, get electric brakes and controllers fitted to bigger trailers and caravans. Also, inexpensive and easy-to-install towing mirrors help with maneuvering in tight spots and sharp bends.

Other Upgrades

Most stores stocking 4WD and ute parts have gear and parts used in regular maintenance. Less obvious items like throttle controllers can improve performance, acceleration and fuel consumption on the Colorado without having to spend bucketloads of cash. And if you’re a tradie or avid camper, aftermarket Colorado accessories that up both work and play are readily available. Most can be delivered to your doorstep with a few short clicks.

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