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High-Quality vs Poor-Quality Seat Covers: What to Look for to Make the Difference

source: fitmycar.co.nz

Caring for your Toyota Hilux’s interior is just as important as protecting its exterior. Wear and tear are unavoidable, but seat and console covers are a cost-effective measure that can help you minimize the toll that they inevitably take on your interior, especially if your Hilux is pulling double duty for both work and recreation.

Make no mistake, though: although you can pick up low-cost seat covers almost anywhere, generic, poorly constructed seat covers are problematic. Not only can they end up contributing to damaging your delicate upholstery, but ill-fitting covers can even be dangerous in the event of an accident. That’s why when you’re looking at seat covers for your Hilux, you want to be sure that you’re looking at ones that are designed exclusively for your truck, and that they’re the best one on the market.

New Seat Covers Help Preserve the Value of Your Toyota Hilux  

source: whichcar.com.au

Let’s be honest: regardless of the age of your car or truck, a battered interior is more just than an uninviting eyesore. In the long term, it drastically diminishes your vehicle’s worth too. That’s why custom-fitted console and seat cover Hilux interior sets are so important to both the comfort, and the used car and trade-in value of your vehicle.

You can purchase high-quality Hilux seat covers that are made exclusively for each of these models:

  •    1998-2005, 6th generation single cab and SR variants;
  •    2005-2015, 7th generation standard, sport, and ¾ bench seat variants; and,
  •    2015-2023, 8th generation dual and extra cab, and SR and SR5 variants.

Without getting lost in all the possible variations in Hilux car seat covers though, you can be confident that each of these seat covers contains qualities that are designed exclusively to fully protect your vehicle’s seats from:

  •    Liquids, spills, and any destructive moisture retention;
  •    Abrasive like sand, or other embeddable forms of dust and debris; and,
  •    Unintended tears, rips, and punctures.

Contemporary styling, comfort, and convenient clean-ups round out the attributes that help to make the custom seat covers for Toyota Hilux as exciting to look at as they are easy to brush off or hose down. They’re equally effective at concealing pre-existing damage as they are at preventing further damage, making them the ideal solution for extending the life of your Hilux’s interior and helping to preserve its value.

Heat and UV Resistant Seat Covers Make a World of Difference 

Ask any Aussie and they’ll tell you, spilled soft drinks, sweaty palms, and suntan lotion are only the icing on the cake of what car and truck upholstery routinely has to endure. Relentless sun and UV exposure are the most persistent problem for OE Hilux seat covers Australia has to dish out, and the effect they can have on natural, as well as synthetic fabrics and polymers can include:

  •    Irreversible bleaching and fading, especially with darker interiors;
  •    Drying out of natural oils, leading to excess stiffness and cracking; and,
  •    General discomfort from a hardened, overheated seat.

Excessive interior temperatures can even lead to increases in the off-gassing of volatile organic compound (VOCs) from the adhesives, preservatives, and flame retardants that are impregnated into OE interior fabrics, consoles, and other polymer components.

Installing UV-stabilized front and rear seat covers for Hilux places an impenetrable protective barrier between your OE interior and the sun that helps to shield seats and centre consoles from premature degradation due to exposure. And although seat covers can’t prevent the release of VOCs, they can help to prevent them from spreading throughout the vehicle.

Form-Fit and Top-Quality Design are the Traits of a Good Cover  

Tough, superior-quality materials are the most important component in designing any seat cover. OE Toyota Hilux seat covers typically vary from thinly woven poly fabrics to the soft leather, so you need seat cover material that can shield them from the kind of exposure that would leave them looking and feeling worse than anything that might have been envisioned otherwise.

Heavy duty 16oz XP7 poly-cotton canvas, or standard or premium grade neoprene with foam underlining and reinforced panelling are the right materials for constructing a premium grade Hilux seat cover that’s not only comfortable but also features traits that include:

  •    Snug, form-fitting design that’s easy to install;
  •    Flame and heat resistance; and,
  •    Resistance to mould and mildew.

And because there are so many different possible variations in Hilux seating across their production years, you can buy them to match a full range of possible arrangements, including:

  •    Independent front bucket seats, with or without headrests or rear map pockets;
  •    Rear row, or bench seats with headrests; and,
  •    Centre consoles and lid covers.

You can even buy Hilux seat covers for sale with up to 7 stitching colour options, and custom embroidered with a logo or slogan of your choice. They’re durable seat and console covers that look and feels just as well as they protect.

Seat Covers That are Engineered WithSafety in Mind

source: media.toyota.co.uk

It’s no accident that Toyota’s Hilux is considered to be unbreakable. It’s not just because they’re rugged: it’s because they’re also safe. That means the seat covers you install need to reflect that dedication to safety as well.

One of the most important advantages that can come with a set of Toyota Hilux car seat covers is going to compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) is airbag compatibility. Don’t be confused: not every seat cover is designed to work with the Hilux’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), and any seat cover that has the ability to impede the SRS’s deployment can leave you and your passengers vulnerable to serious injury.

Special threads and side stitching make it possible for well-engineered aftermarket Hilux seat covers to remain firmly in position, but to still burst when the vehicle’s airbags are deployed. It’s essential, therefore, to ensure that the seat covers are reinstalled on the correct side of the vehicle if they’re removed for cleaning, and that the cover’s SRS tags are always properly aligned with the SRS indicators on the seat.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, your truck is an investment; and it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to its practicality or its appearance, a good set of seat covers is what you need to protect your investment.  With periodic inspection and regular care, a custom-fitted console and seat cover Hilux interior set will give you years of solid, good-looking service which protects your Toyota’s seats. They’re one of the best investments you can make for your truck, and one that can pay off well when it’s time to trade in your trusty truck for a new one.

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