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Handbags: Crossbody vs Shoulder Bags vs Clutches


Handbags are probably the most functional piece of accessory in every woman’s closet. It holds all of your day-to-day items, keeps them safe and on hand. The variety of handbags available on the market can make choosing the right one for you quite difficult. So, let’s look through some of the styles and try to make some headway through the chaos of choices.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing crossbody handbags is that they help distribute the weight of the bag across your body. Besides that, crossbody handbags can be completely hands-free, which makes them more practical compared to other handbag styles, and are very useful when your hands are busy carrying other items. Alongside that, you can rest assured that your crossbody handbag will not slip off your shoulder while walking around as these bags cover a large enough area of your body. This also adds a sense of security, since they are harder to grab or forcefully take. Additionally, other types of handbags can put a strain on your back, arms or shoulders. Contrary to that, when your bag is placed across your body you don’t pinpoint one area that is to be pressured by the weight of the bag, which makes these bags more comfortable for everyday use. And, last but not least, it is important to know that besides offering all these benefits, this bags also come in many different sizes, colours, materials and patterns.

Shoulder Bags
As the name suggests, this type of bags comes with a shoulder strap. They can be big, medium or small, and regardless of their size, they distribute the weight between the back and the shoulder. What makes them really convenient is the easy reach. Compared to bags that go all the way to your back, this type is close to your body and doesn’t require a lot of movement in order to take things out. And of course, as mentioned above for crossbody bags, these too come in a variety of styles and designs.

Compared to the other two types mentioned above, clutches fall short regarding practicality but gain points when it comes to style and minimalism. It is a fact that you cannot carry as many items as you can with other handbag types, but clutches still offer room for your essentials. And although clutches are far from being a hands-free bag, but, they are kind to your neck, back and shoulders. Some of them do come with additional straps, but these are rarely used. The size clutches come in can be small or medium and you can carry them in your hand or underneath your arm. Clutches are most often used for a night out or for special occasions. Plus, for the enthusiasts, there are types of clutches that are less formal which you can wear during the day as well.

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